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10:28pm.  Kids are sleeping in the RV in the driveway.  I think we're ready!

We've been working in a frenzy - then had a wonderful break when the thoughtful Green family brought over pizza, wine, and ice cream!  Now how nice is that?  There are times in life when such thoughtfulness makes a *huge* difference and this was one for us.  We will always remember it.  And our dear next door neighbor brought over cookies.  Folks have stopped by or emailed in support.  Very nice friends!  Familiy called.

It all seems so surreal!  I cannot believe that we'll actually be pulling out tomorrow, headed West!  We've been working non-stop since mid-February.  As Carla of Worldtrek fame says, now it just becomes things-to-do along the way, forward progress.

Four shots for me yesterday:  MMR, DTaP, IPV, and Meningitis.  If you thought your doctor was keeping up with your shots and what basic immunizations you might need, it would be prudent to ask.  Did you know that most general practitioners for adults don't think that's part of their job description?  Who knew?  I'd think they'd know the CDC recommendations and check on their patients at their annual visit, but ney-ney!  I am just not impressed with this new information.  We definitely have to manage our own medical care. 

Ned is working now getting all the computers' info transferred.  He will be so in need of a vacation after we leave.  His recovery may finally be complete by the time he comes to see us in a few weeks.  :)

He also got the front "Ciao Baby!" decal on tonight!

Ned got his Customs & Border Patrol Global Entry clearance yesterday. I'm tellin' ya!  That is the best thing going, so sign up before the line gets long.

The front edge of the rig got a new coat of silver paint and Finish First- looks good!

Some of the gutters were cleaned with paint thinner but it was such a scorcher today that I staggered in with near heat stroke and that was the end of that.

We ditched Charles' and Jazy's bikes:  40 and 45 lbs. respectively.  Instead we put on my bike (35 lbs), Lia's bike (30 lbs) and 2 of the folding bikes (36 lbs each).  It seems easier to get them all loaded on the bike rack too.

Healthcare Directives were signed tonight and the Green's witnessed for us (no notaries required).  I recommended no food or water, but only death by chocolate if I'm terminal.

We got Ned's end-of-July ticket into Fairbanks, AK using FF miles- hooray!

Ned installed the new kitchen light and it finally works (hasn't worked since I bought the RV)- I just need to paint the ceiling around it as it's a little smaller.

We just have to load the fridge in the morning.  We're prechilling it with ice right now.

I wonder what I've forgotten...

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