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We detoured!  As we were driving by Four Corners (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah), we spontaneously decided to explore the Hovenweep National Monument.  It was way out in "el middle of del nowhere" as Charles says- Beautiful country! 

This rugged Navajo Nation land was previously the home of the Anazasi Indians who built many structions 700 years ago, which we explored today.  Well, we couldn't explore them all- it requires high-clearance 4x4 vehicles and/or hiking many miles to get to all the 11 or so areas.  We did hike around the Square Tower Group Trail and enjoyed about 8 different buildings.  It was a beautiful hike through the desert along the edge of a deep canyon.

Charles and Lia again completed the requirements for a Junior Ranger, which were carefully checked by the Ranger when they came by for their badge.  In fact, Lia had forgotten a word on the word-search and the Ranger helped her correct it!  This is serious business and when he discovered that they'd not done the Junior Ranger pledge this morning at Canyon de Chelly, when they got their badges there, he had them promise to recycle whenever possible, protect the land for future generations, conserve water and electricity, etc.  We thought it was terrific!  They sure learn from the exercises and information in the Junior Ranger booklets.  Sorry we didn't start the Junior Ranger programs earlier.

We drove around the nice campground at Hovenweep, but continued on since it was early.  Our terrific need for Walmart resulted in a Farmington, NM visit on the way to Chaco, where we are enjoying their overnight parking for the night.  It was dark by the time we exited the store and we still needed to put everything away and eat.  So we're thankful for the chance to stop, rather than continuing on a few more hours, including dirt roads in the dark. 

There are a few other RV's and a truck here so far, although I suspect it will fill more in the night as late drivers stop to rest.  For self-contained vehicles, all we need is a fairly level place to park.  The security truck riding around and lights are nice too. 

So many of our travel locations really cater to RV's because that's one of the few ways travelers can even visit and our dollars are precious.  It is a nice contrast to the attitude of some other locales.  We certainly spent enough in Walmart tonight to indicate our support of their pro-RV policy!

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photo by: mahoney