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10.10.08 Heading for Home      


This morning we didscussed heading home and arriving on Saturday afternoon.  That sounded like perfect timing for visiting with Ned and our friends.  So we enjoyed the balloons this morning and then said our goodbyes.  We were sad to leave such wonderful people who have become close friends by now.  Plus, I’ve missed saying goodbyes to a few who were not around or left yesterday, so I’ll have to find them via email.  It was a terrific Fiesta and we feel so blessed to have gotten to enjoy it all!


We were less than 3 hours out of town when we heard the terrible news on the radio that a balloonist had died when their balloon hit power lines, igniting a spark.  The second pilot is in critical condition.  Virginia by phone confirmed that it was the “Wings of Winds” triangular balloon, which the kids said flew right over our rig this morning.  She also told us of two other separate ballooning accidents, with an 11-year-old and a crew member now hospitalized.  All events are cancelled at the balloon field today, of course.  I am so sad about these accidents.  Last year, on the day we left, a woman was killed when her balloon hit power lines.  It is a lovely but dangerous sport and I hope some new safety precautions (parachutes?  Harnesses? Gas directional engines?) come of these tragedies.


We’ve made it to overnight at Walmart in Brownwood, south of Abilene tonight.  Unfortunately, we have no internet access here.  We’ll be within 50 miles of 18,000 trip miles by the time we arrive home tomorrow, Lord willing. 


We spent time today discussing our favorite places, what we’ve learned about both the places and ourselves, what makes us happy, living in a small environment, conservation of resources, etc.  One is never the same after a trip and I hope this journey is helping us learn priorities as well as discover our world.


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