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Moving In May (yes, from Flylady) has begun! 

The plan:  1 mile per day for each week of the month (max 3 miles), in our hiking boots. 

Why:  So we'll be ready for the hiking and biking 

How're we doing?   (embarrassment motivates!):


Week 1:  1 Mile- Final Score:

I don't remember (ahem!):  I think we all did about 2x.  I'm sure the kids will correct me if they did more.  :)

Week 2:  2 miles - Final Score:

  1. 7x:  Jazy (wow!) 
  2. 6x:  Charles
  3. 3x:  Lia
  4. 2x:  Tessa
  5. 1x:  Ned

Week 3:  3 miles - Final Score:

  1. 6x:  Jazy (Tie)
  2. 6x:  Charles  (Tie)
  3. 4x:  Tessa
  4. 3x:  Lia
  5. 1x:  Ned

Week 4:  3 miles (in progress):

As of Thurday (1 chance this week):

  1. ?x:  Jazy
  2. ?x:  Charles 
  3. 1x:  Tessa
  4. ?x:  Lia
  5. ?x:  Ned

The big motivator is that you can only watch TV while you're doing the treadmill *IF* you did the treadmill the previous day.  You lose a TV time for each day you miss.  This is the kids' only chance to watch TV on a school night.  Haha!

Exercise is also good for:

  • brain chemicals / attitude / (important for teenagers!)
  • sleep
  • feeling good about yourself

Trip Analogy:

Planning a trip is like building a house:

You can throw the basics together and then wing it: 

  • House:  Just give me 2000 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths
  • Travel:  I'll just go to these 5 places 

OR: you can plan it down to the details: (and get a better product): 

**For a house:  tailored with planned storage for your favorite things

**For travel, a carefully crafted approach includes:

  • researching activities available at each location
  • planning an itinerary so you get a sense of your travel - will you get to see what you want to see in the timeframe and travel style that you've plotted?
  • following others' blogs to gain from their experience
  • reading travel novels from those who have gone
  • studying travel guide book info and applying it to your itinerary (tours, restaurants, cultural aspects, places to stay, fun)
  • researching resources of an area's tourism focus and uniqueness
  • getting "friends of friends" contacts to enjoy their company when you get there
  • preparing your communication systems in advance
  • packing prep- having exactly what you think you'll need - and knowing where and how you'll carry it 
  • transportation- is it in exceptional shape and road service (or reseraching inter-country travel options before leaving)
  • important documents- copies of everything that could possibly be needed, emergency numbers (family, consulates) 
  • kid travel- researching others' good ideas, insuring they have school and reading material and are involved in the planning
  • organizing- can you find all the stuff and info quickly while on the road?
  • gifts- taking easy-to-pack gifts for your new friends (seed packets, polaroid pics, deflated soccer balls, TX postcards, etc)

So it's not like we won't be *ready* to go, we just could use more time to prepare our *exceptional* travel.  Of course, one's "feeling of competence" before they start is another's "overkill." 

When does one feel "ready to go"?  There is always more that can be done.  But when we waited 3 months for Lia's Travel Approval to China, I was definitely ready to go.  Maps were memorized!

Now, we've done far more planning than we were able to before last summer's trip -I anticipate a better trip too (although we had a blast).

Regardless, even in the "dream about a trip" stage you can begin accomplishing many of these steps. 

And I highly recommend it - start today by reading some good books!


TessaHill says:
Well, I thought that was a brilliant idea, Maryann, but Bank of America just said she has to be a "co-owner" on the account before they'll issue her a card. But you get creativity points! Thanks for trying,
Posted on: May 16, 2008
maryannmalkoff says:
Trick to get an extra ATM card, just get one for one for the oldest teen, or in your husband's name (which is what I've done). The machine doesn't know who is using the card as long as you have the correct pin.
Posted on: May 15, 2008
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