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Daddy-on-a-Stick (Side 1)

After hours of precision work, Daddy-on-a-Stick (aka "Flat Daddy" in high respect to "Flat Stanley" ) makes his debut!  The lamination process would have benefited from experience, but as you see, it is *good enough*.  We've got Flat Daddy and we're taking him with us!  We plan to bring you pictures of taking Flat Daddy out to eat, going on wild adventures, and generally having a blast.  Yeah Flat Daddy! 

Fat Daddy, that is the real puffed up one (hmm, I'm not sure he'll like that description) got our Verizon aircard, router, and cell phone booster all set up in Ciao Baby!  Hooray!  Now we can all access internet while driving down the road.  Wirelessly.  Automatic log-on.

Daddy-on-a-Stick acting silly(Side 2)
  Multiple computers at once!  AND he's ordered a connector so we can use a second existing antenna and he's buying "a compact USB print server to enable shared wireless from all of the computers."  3 cheers for Fat Daddy!

We're (Ned is) going to try to get the VOIP on the computers today.  The Skype was a bust on the Vista computers, so he'll try Windows Messenger.

I plan to upload and download all the GPS updates and waypoints.  It's Greek to me right now!

Charles is sick (nausea etc).  We think it's the Typhoid immunization.  The pills arrived at the HEB Redi-Clinic on Thursday for Jazy and Charles.  But we gave him the pill right after dinner and if you give it on a full stomach, the pill doesn't make it to the small intestines.

Onyx & Chloe- we're going to miss them!
  OOPS!  Charles feels so miserable that he's agreed to get the shot next week rather than try a second pill.  We'll let Ned take the last 3 Typhoid pills and hopefully he'll get some immunity from that (can't hurt).

Friday morning the back brakes were adjusted tighter and the brake line bled on Ciao Baby by Elder's Automotive.  They are so nice there!  I think the brakes feel better.  I'm worried about the Rocky Mountains, so I want to be as careful as possible.

Ned added 2 more seatbelts to the back sofas on Ciao Baby (did I mention that last week?)

We are organizing our touring info.  I printed Big Bend info and maps and put in our Itinerary notebook.  Moved everything else from the Itinerary notebook to a plastic accordian file labelled "International."  Took another plastic accordian file and put the U.S. states and Canada tour info in it.  This included everything I ripped out of magazines over time. 

I also cut up campground books and filed them under the states we're visiting.  I printed out the Overnight RV Parking lists for each state, as well.  ( sorry, you cannot get the Files from there, but you can get the same info for $)

I organized the file by date, so as we get to each place, we can move it to the itinerary notebook or just pull the info and read.  Info is no good if we find it after we've left the area.  And we sure don't need the big campground books.  Those must weigh 4 lbs. each and we only need 12 states' info.

Printed a few more pics for the RV and put up the plastic frames (will take pics of inside CB soon)

Hung a denim curtain in the RV to separate the front from the back.  Using a red bandana as a tie-back.  This really keeps the AC in the living area, expecially when we have the thermal curtain down behind the cab seats.

Kids have 1.5 days left of school.  May is crazy!  Between the 3 kids this holiday weekend, they have 4 sleepovers.  None of them here. Whew!

Oh!  Have you heard of the Global Entry program?  It just started.  You can skip the regular customs line and instead go through a biometrics kiosk when arriving by air from overseas into 3 U.S. airports.  I applied online and the next day got my preliminary approval and have the interview scheduled for Thursday!  I'll go to the Enrollment Center at IAH to provide in-person documentation and an interview.  Ned applied on Friday. 

Although it's a pilot program and currently only slated to begin at IAH, JFK, and Washington Dulles airports beginning in June, I think it will eventually work internationally.  The line is short right now and the $100 card is valid for 5 years.  Maybe it will carry some clout at the land border as well - I doubt it, but one can hope!  Kids must be 14 to participate.  You just never know when that is going to come in handy!

We still haven't gotten in the U.S. Passcards.  They are supposed to start printing in June.  We did get notice of approval and all our docs back.  Hoping Ned can bring them to us when he's in Denver with us.  That will give us a second form of I.D. for land border crossings.

Let me run upload some pics for you.



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Daddy-on-a-Stick  (Side 1)
Daddy-on-a-Stick (Side 1)
Daddy-on-a-Stick acting silly(Side…
Daddy-on-a-Stick acting silly(Sid…
Onyx & Chloe- were going to miss …
Onyx & Chloe- we're going to miss…