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We headed for Colorado- back up 313, back up I-70, where there was only 1 gas station, with no more gas available for the next 60 miles!  Sometimes we avoid running our generator just because we need the gas to get us between far-flung gas stations.  We have some seen some barren, desolate places that we didn’t know existed in the U.S.  The kids are amazed at the vast distances and lack of cell phone service.  They’re saying prayers of thanksgiving for electricity and water.  I think this has been good for them!  J


So we made it to the blessed Grand Junction, CO Walmart!  Ahhh- food!  Our provisions ran woefully low and what a thrill to get more food!  We also got other desperately needed items.  Every kid needed socks and 2 kids needed undies.  Why now?  I guess the necessities become obvious after a while.  We were just like kids in a candy shop with the many choices at Walmart having been in the middle of canyons for a long time.  Jazy determined that we’d spent 6 of the last 7 nights dry camping, which is not easy for us, but we’re proud we can do it.


Tonight we’re at the delightful James M. Robb- Colorado River State Park at Island Acres near Palisade, CO.  We found a pretty pull-through site with geese nearby and wouldn’t you know- it was right on the river!  Awesome! 


And thrilling for us, instead of having to hand-wash clothes, we went to the campground laundry and washed a load!  Easy!  Washing machines are the best thing ever!  While there, we met a nice chap named Jesse, who was working on his Geology Master’s thesis there (his advisor flies in tomorrow).  He’s interning in Houston next month for an oil company and we gave him our card and told him to look us up in a year when he likely gets work in Houston upon graduating.  It’s great fun meeting interesting people along the way.


We have electricity here!  And we are all like addicts on our computers.  I just tonight realized that none of Lia’s emails have been sent since trip beginning, so I fixed that.  I need to download email, etc- but I think I’ll go to bed.


Tomorrow we’re headed to a US Forest Service campground near Lake Dillon so we can check out Vail and Breckenridge over the next two nights.Then we head to Denver to get Ned!  Excited about that!


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photo by: Bulldog1up