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Hooray!  I just picked up Ciao Baby (the RV) from Elder Automotive.  We went over everything that was done and made a short list for when I return from Texarkana.  The 120 circuit breaker in the coach battery compartment broke and we forgot the fuel injector cleaning for the fuel system, which will hopefully make for better gas mileage too.  So will get that done upon our return.

We got all new brakes and hoses, new water pump, complete tune up, new thermostat, timing chain replaced ($676), radiator flush, and the rear brakes with new brake shoes and new wheel cylinders on both rear brakes ($419), oil change, new coach batteries and new engine battery (I bought & delivered all batteries) for $2,24.11, which I think was quite fair.  Rob spent a lot of time looking over all the systems and sharing info with me on the care and maintenance.  He also declined all service requests that were unnecessary, which I appreciated. 

I marked fluid fill locations in the engine with sharpie on duct tape.  We decided not to install the battery disconnect switches as it is just as easy to undo the battery cable and lay it aside and Rob didn't want to cut an excellent battery terminal.

So we will see how she does up to Texarkana!  What nice people Rob and his mother, Miss Evelyn, are!  For our test drive I suggested we run down the road to Advance Auto where we returned the engine battery core.  Ned will take the coach batteries back in-town for $50 core refund.

Post office visit this morning resulted in application requests for the 3 kids' passbook renewals with separate passcards ($60 + $25 Post office fee each), and a passcard request for me ($20 + $25 Post office fee).  I did not have to turn in my passbook (since it is not ready for renewal) and my birth certificate was sent in instead. 

I want a passcard to carry around in Canada and Central America and we can hide our Passbooks.  Having 2 options each was worth the effort and I only paid one application fee and needed only 2 pictures total (and filled out only one application) for each of the kids. We had to get them out of school and Ned had to stay home to get it all done.  We were glad we were first in line, but I felt sorry for the people behind us.  At least we were organized and ready.   I only have to do that one more time for the kids before they are all old enough to get a 10-year passport by themselves.  Whew!

We had a meeting at the school and stopped by the Admissions Office to run through when we will be in town (end of October and mid-February) in case there is something we need to do to get the kids readmitted.  Will figure that out later.

Lia's started working on the Flashmaster ( and it's terrific for helping her learn math facts.  Worth every penny.

Well, need to go load the rig (and finish the curtain hems) for trip tomorrow- buy groceries.  I'm really looking forward to visiting with our Lazy Daze friends!



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