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Recent Progress!:


  • Joined AAA
  • Got International Driver's Licenses for Ned and myself ($15 each). 
  • Got my Will notarized for free.  Had to sweet-talk 2 customers into being my witnesses. 
  • Obtained about 50 lbs of tour guidebooks, maps, and camping books
  • Discussed Eurail or Britrail passes with a Travel Agent - it'd be best for me to buy online due to travel schedule if decide we want
  • Lost my AAA temporary card paperwork within hours! - They were kind enough to email it to me (losing my mind! :) )


  • "I am immunized!" Lia and I proclaimed upon swallowing our final Typhoid pill Sunday.
  • Surprise!  The Redi-Clinic did not get in Jazy and Charles' oral Typhoid that they ordered 9 days ago.  I called 3 local clinics and only one had one course.  So we'll see what the P.A. comes up with as he promised by tomorrow (Weds).
  • Jazy and Charles are worried they'll get the injection (available) if their pills don't arrive soon.  It costs more and immunity is 2 years instead of 3 years by pill, but it would be better than the scramble stress.
  • We wiped out our healthcare Flexible Spending Account already on the Malaria pills.  Note:  If you're planning a big trip that requires immunizations (check the CDC site), then plan for it with your annual Healthcare Account withholdings.

Ned Visits:  (I'll highlight the ones we still need to book):

  • Done:  Booked his end of June Denver flight booked (added on to an end of a conference and we'll cover the flight $ difference)
  • His end of July flight to Fairbanks (or Anchorage) is difficult as it's high season and a closer date.  Will challenge our creativity on that. 
  • Done:  Last night we arranged a first-class, non-stop flight to Anchorage the end of August using FF miles through an AmEx points transfer.  He's looking forward to that first-class!  (I'm going to try to earn him lots more AmEx points to help him out!  Hehe)
  • Early October- meet at the Balloon Fiesta (one way and drive home) or visit when we're home for 2 weeks after Fiesta.
  • End of November will be Cancun!  How lucky is that? 
  • End of December will be Christmas in Costa Rica, I think.  Fun! 
  • End of January:  Baja?  Maybe Cabo San Lucas
  • End of February- we'll be home for changeover before Europe
  • End of March/Early April - Italy or France
  • End of May - 20th Anniversary! - someplace romantic (Paris? Venice?)
  • Early July- China/Hong Kong
  • Early August - Hawaii)
  • August 15th- home
  • Wow, 9 more flights to plan.  Finally!  Some planned trips to *take* instead of just dream about!
  • Aside:  Today is our 19th Anniversary!  Whoo-hoo!  Hopefully we'll spend the 20th in Europe.  Crossing my fingers... :)

Our RTW Flights:

Was told by Airtrek to wait until Sept/Oct timeframe to book RTW flights.  I checked pricing separate flights to/from Europe and to/from China and they cost more.  Plus, I can include Hawaii for $2 more!  :)


  • Got a nice note back from David Shore who wrote the landmark book for RV'ers in Europe, "Europe by Van and Motorhome" and he confirmed that the electricity transformer and propane connectors that I bought were correct.  He also told me that in Amsterdam will store the RV for me and handle the annual safety inspection.  He also said the Schengen 3-month timeframe may not be firmly enforced.  Fantastic!
  • Carla and Russ authors of the Worldtrek book might come visit next weekend as we're loading the rig.  Would love to meet them in person. I feel like I already know them from reading the book!

Printed individual calling cards for everyone.  We keep changing things on them, so don't print too many at once.  We think of things like adding our tiny picture on the back, which you cannot do after you rip them apart.  So I would recommend only printing 3-5 pages at a time.  We'll have a printer in the camper.

My "Important Documents" 1.5" notebook is full!  I've been diligently photocopying all important documents, leaving copies of some for Ned, printing out Consulates and Visa Requirements, etc.

Copied:  (I hope listing all this helps someone prepare!)

  • Emergency numbers: Family/Friends sheet, Emergency Road Services, AAA card, Bank of America and AmEx emergency numbers
  • passports
  • extra passport pics,
  • Driver's license (copies) & International Driver's Permits (originals and copies)
  • Adoption documents
  • RV Insurance Proof- Canadian separate card and U.S. card
  • Wallet contents- front and back of all cards if lose wallet
  • Birth certificates (copies & originals- clearly marked)
  • SS cards - copies only
  • Prescription copies - for Malaria & TD pills- will add immunization card copies
  • Permission for Foreign Travel with Minor - signed by Ned and notarized for each kid
  • Healthcare Directives - copies of adults'- originals with Executor (need to finish)
  • Wills - copy only (original with Executor)
  • Expired passports - originals (lose your passport and you have to prove both U.S. Citizenship (expired passport can be used) and identity (current, valid passport can be used) 
  • RV Docs:  RV Title (original- need for shipping to Europe), registration copies, RV insurance,
  • Parent's permission form for minor's passport renewal application - notarized by Ned in case the kids lose a passport- there is a tough new requirement on kids' passports now, so we're ready.  Can you imagine the hassle overseas without this (valid for 3 months) form if they continue to require both parents to reissue a U.S. Passport?  Oh wait!  There's more you need (notarized copy of absent parent's passport pages):
  • Consulates and U.S. Congressmen - contact info - for U.S. Consulates overseas (need to finish))

Goals for this week:

  1. Book Ned's July flight to Fairbanks
  2. Buy Internet Air Card, Router, and Cell phone Booster and get shipped
  3. Buy dry groceries for RV- finish grocery list
  4. Pack RVclothes and all travel books into RV this weekend
  5. Finish RV details: (Brakes adjusted Friday at Elder's, flush hot water tank, finish sanitizing fresh water tank, connect all tech (like printer to laptops, GPS POI downloads, and aircard stuff)
  6. Communicate:  Email friends our blog site.  I sent Charles' and Lia's info to their friends' parents this morn.  Final calling card printing.
  7. Medical:  Locate Typhoid pills for J&C

UPS just arrived- got to run!  Presents!





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