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Family picture in Ciao Baby! t-shirts

Time marches onward as we scramble to get ready. 

We're doing important things like taking Ciao Baby Family t-shirt pics.  Haha!

Coach: (don't you love that?  So *upscale* compared to "rig")

Seatcovers for the armrests took me all day, but look great- that's what's important!  Ned got seatbelts added to the back sofa, fixed many details - huge help!

I'm printing pics of the kids with their friends for little plastic 4x6 picture frames to put near their RV areas.

Medical:  Got all the Malaria pills ready for Central America:  ($128 each for 3 of us and $69 for Lia- $453 total! not covered by insurance, which would only allow 2 pills at a time). 

Lia and I finish our Typhoid pills tonight on schedule and Charles and Jazy's pills should be ready for pickup tomorrow, the 19th.  We don't need immunity until November's venture into Mexico and south, but the immunity by pill lasts for 3 years, so it's better to take care of things early before something goes wrong.

New soft seatcovers and look at those snazzy armrest covers! Umm-mmmm!

Books:  Finished the terrific Worldtrek book.  http://worldtrekonline.com/buy.html  It's written by a family that lives a mile away!  I remember when we moved here 6 years ago, the local paper was publishing travel articles from them while they were on the road.

Airfare:  Researched RTW (round-the-world) airfares for our travels and it looks like $2k per ticket.  Need to compare it to separate Europe RT and China RT tickets (want to included Hawaii on trip home from China at trip end). 

Airtrek.com has RTW prices, but best of all, they have a Trip Planner that is AMAZING!  It also shows you free cities to add to your itinerary and gives prices for your itinerary!  Kiss your day goodbye before checking out this site as it is just too much fun to try different routes and dream: 



I was looking at adding "free" stops Moscow and Siberia to our trip from Amsterdam to Beijing, but the Visa situation into Russia made me reconsider.  Not to mention the $131 pp Visa fees.  I just don't see a benefit to offset my stress level:  http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1006.html#entry_requirements

Europe:  I'm reading up! 

Did you know there is a campground smack in the middle of Parishttp://www.caravansitefinder.co.uk/parks/7856/view   or http://www.campingparis.fr/indexuk.

html  or http://www.campingparis.fr/pdf/plan_boulogne.pdf  

Or that you can get no-wait-in-line tickets for the Louvre from the Rail line?  http://www.ratp.fr/  

Or that Disneyland Paris allows motorhome overnighting in their parking lot?  http://www.disneylandparis.co.uk/index.xhtml

This American family (the Scherer family) has a *huge* RV they shipped over and their blog is a hoot:  http://eurorv.blogspot.com/2008/04/paris-pictures-14-15-march-disneyland.


Ferries in Europe:  Taking ferries between countries is very reasonably priced, even for our "big" 26.5' RV.  We'll be limited on the ferries that we take though since Ciao Baby is a wee bit over 8 meters long (8.14) and 3 meters high (3.10). 

But the major routes will be fine, for example Dover to Calais - across the English Channel.  It takes about 1.5 hours and costs about the same as one night's lodging.  So it's definitely worthwhile to take the RV with us to Great Britian for a month or so of touring after our 3 month Schengen group tourist (non-visa) time expires.  http://www.aferry.to/GWMap.asp


Auto:  Called RV Insurance company and they mailed me an official little "Canadian Non-Resident Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card" that shows proof our insurance covers us there, if we need to show it.

Health:  United Healthcare said they would cover us in other countries provided it was a "true emergency" and not just sick and needed the doctor.  Like REALLY sick and about to die- then it was okay.  I think you had to be admitted to the hospital to prove how deathly ill you were and then they'll reimburse us.  She also said a broken limb that *required* medical treatment would be reimbursed.  So none of that pansy fake sick stuff just to visit medical facilities in foreign countries for fun!  :)

For Border Crossings, I still need to determine what we need to take for "proof of financial solvency".  Would an income statement on letterhead from Ned's work suffice?  I was going to flash the AmEx, but don't think that little joke would go over well.  The Scherer family (above) missed their ferry because they couldn't show the Great Britian border official any such info.  Who would have thunk?

I was thinking in church today about a quote at the end of the Worldtrek book where Russ says of the trip:  "I could concieve of no greater gift to give to my children."  When someone asks where my husband is, I'll tell them that this trip is a "gift of unselfishness" from Ned.  He is such a great person!

That's all for now.  I'm going to call Russ and Carla from Worldtrek and find out if they still have that Payday candy bar!

Follow up:  I did call Carla and had a great time talking with her.  She has a travel agency now:  http://www.turnstonetravel.com which looks very interesting!  And they DO still have that Payday candy bar -I suggested they shadowbox it!  Haha!

(p.s.  Can't WAIT to start!!!!)


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Family picture in Ciao Baby! t-shi…
Family picture in Ciao Baby! t-sh…
New soft seatcovers and look at th…
New soft seatcovers and look at t…
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