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I can see my desk!  I can see most of my countertops!  Today, I ran back to storage to get Ciao Baby out for the final loading.  We are really getting her organized.  If we don't, then things are just thrown in and not needed.

We have most of the dry food.

Charles got his Typhoid Injection at HEB Redi-Clinic and earned himself a pizza.

Big Bend research and fun things to do along the way have been printed.

I got Global Entry approval today at IAH!  Hooray!  They said I was one of their first ones, since they just started interviewing last week.  Ned goes in tomorrow.  Using that kiosk to speed through U.S. Customs will be nice!  They expect to have kiosks in 20 U.S. airports by next May, have signed an agreement with The Netherlands, and are working on an agreement with Germany - they hope to take the program international.  That'd be nice!

I found out today that I need a Tetanus booster.  Every 5 years.  There was no record of it during my 6 years with this physician.  Since this was missed at my annual visit 2 weeks ago and I was rather unhappy about that, they made an appointment for me tomorrow (last possible day before our trip).  Note to anyone planning extensive travel- start the *Medical* early- what a challenge the medical appointments and immunizations have been!  Manage your medical care.  Make sure you have what you need.

The kids' pediatrician was very nice.  They accepted Redi-Clinic faxes of the Typhoid immunization, updated it on their shot records, and faxed all the shot records to Ned.  Those will be good to have in our Important Documents notebook.

Ned has a stack of more papers to get notarized: (tomorrow?  At the bank perhaps?)

  • Affidavit of Financial Support
  • Affidavit of Certification (for Passport)- need if kids' lose their passports
  • Affidavit of Certification (for Driver's License)
  • His Will was finally finished up today.  Copies to be made.  Mine is done as well.
  • Healthcare Directives?  Now where are those printouts?
  • Power of Attorney- give me a break.  This is just not happening before we leave.

The front Ciao Baby reflective decal arrived today!  Hope Ned can put that on for me.

I still haven't tested the air compressor - just thrilled it arrived.

Need to switch out the heavy bikes with the two new folding bikes.

Printed a mapquest for the first day!

GPS- determined that I did need the special A/C adapter (that I cannot find) along with the USB/micro USB cable (which I have).  Ned determined that with the laptop and using the DC adapter in the RV, we should be able to pull POI's and waypoints.  Russ, of Worldrek fame, told us that we could use Google Earth to transfer waypoints to the GPS, and back and forth.  I guess that I can learn to do this on the road.  That is good because there's not much time left!

Trying to finish library books, return musical instruments to the store, etc.

Made an accordian file with different printer papers and photo papers for the printer.

Have more books to tab or tear up for use.

Need to finish all my labeling of cords.  Doublecheck the clothes choices from last weekend.

We should be ready soon.  Yes!

Work to do- gotta run!

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