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Playing with the new LED rope lights

One month until we leave on June 1st.  Full blown panic attack!  I guess the adreneline will come in handy.  :)

Big picture:  things are actually coming along nicely.  I'd estimate being 3/4 finished on the workload.

I did as my calendar note demanded and called Yellowstone reservations - only to learn that today was the first day (and busiest day!) to reserve 2009 campsites, not for 2008!  OOPS!

So of course the Fishing Bridge Campground was full.  But I did get reservations for 3 nights at a centrally located Yellowstone campground without hookups.  That will be fine.  With solar panels and a generator, we will be perfectly comfortable without being plugged in.  Whew! 

Plus, I could go ahead and make dinner reservations for Old Faithful Inn Dining Room, a historic old lodge since I'm within 60 days.

Here's a one month ahead summary:


  • The RV is in good shape.  I've got most of her spare parts ready.  Final engine cleaning and State inspection to be completed on the 6th.
  • We have passports. 
  • I've ordered the European propane adapters and voltage converter.  I checked prices for storage in Amsterdam and seems to be plenty of storage options for probably less than we pay annually here.  I bought a driving Atlas for Europe and Italian phrasebook.  Bin of Europe books is ready.  Same for western U.S., Alaska/Canada, Mexico/Central America book bins.
  • Have all our bedding (Travasacs are ready!)
  • Have 2 notebooks going:  one that I can carry around for Things to Do, Itinerary (daily), list of things to buy, RV fix-up, and Medical info;  2nd notebook is for valuable copies of important paperwork (Passports, birth certificates, permission for minor to travel, wills to get notarized, embassy & consulate listings, visa info, pictures for passports and visas, etc)
  • Notified bank of travel and ordered extra credit card for cash advance, if needed (they won't issue a second ATM card).
  • Got a travel purse for myself and fanny packs for the kids.  Headlamp flashlights.  Rope lights for fun at the campsite.  A remote LED light with switch to put by my bed.  Tire Thumper.  3.5 quart Crock pot and 3 cup rice cooker.  Good kid reading books headed this way.  Packtowels.  Polaroid and film.
  • Today we started "Moving in May" as Flylady says and are each walking a mile/day/week in May.  So for Week 1, it's 1 mile a day.  So far, so good!  We hope to be ready to do some hiking and biking.


Still need to work on:

  • Internet options (at the very least a wi-fi amplifier)
  • Reading and loading travel suggestions onto the Itinerary blogs
  • RV:  Get all Tech set up in the rig (laptops, printer, router, etc), add seatbelts, good exterior cleaning, change out a valve, finish cabover curtains, attach new bike rack; need locking gas cap and fuel containers (for the Dempster Hwy run)
  • Clothes to buy & pack- technical travel fabrics and good hiking boots
  • Medical -almost done- T's annual appointment and Typhoid vaccination at the HEB Redi-Clinic (and get Malaria meds); and get the dogs' annual vet appointment, make medical kit for RV
  • Tech- Need to move files and info from desktop to laptop computer
  • GPS- need to find cord, download GPS update, find overlays and waypoints and points of interest (POI's) and figure out how to get them on the GPS- also find  GPS software for Mexico, Central America and Europe.
  • Order Mango folding bike and determine how to put on ladder bike rack
  • Print calling cards for the kids to give their friends so they can stay in touch
  • Paperwork:  Need to finish wills, get notaries for will and minor travel permission, copy kids' passports, research visas, print list of consulates, phone numbers at home and along the way, copy wallet contents, proof of Canadian insurance coverage, overnight parking files, medical files for everyone
  • And life goes on!  We're going to run out to celebrate my big 0 birthday Saturday!  Whoo-hoo!  End of year plays and performances and parties.  Hold end of year birthday parties.  Finish out the school year.
  • Load 'em up! Ship 'em out!  I wish Ned were going.  He's a great sport. 

Carpe' Diem!


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Playing with the new LED rope ligh…
Playing with the new LED rope lig…