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It comes as no surprise to most that my time here in LA this week would include at least one, probably two trips to Disneyland!  I did not realize that fellow TB, Warren also has a Disneyland annual pass.   The plan was to meet and ride as much as we could in Warren's short window of availability.  :-)) 

We were to meet at 11:30 but Warren moved it up to 11am and then it became 11:10 because someone waited til the last minute to finish their laundry!  LOL.  I even made sure not to party too much with Angel the night before so I could be up early, ensuring my work day was out of the way! I finished my conference call at 9, which left me a whole hour to get some other work done and I'd be out of the house on time.  Then.....the unthinkable happens, well, perhaps not so unthinkable with my luck lately.  I almost kill my parent's dog for the second time in two months!!!!  For those that remember my early (and guilted) departure from the OC Meet last month...I had rushed her to the er vet the night before as she got into my luggage and swallowed part of a high dosage Ibuprofen!  What dog voluntarily swallows medication?!?!  I can recall numerous instances of having to force feed our dogs their pills with peanut butter! And this dog, she rummages through my luggage to actually find medication (talk about drug seeking behavior!!)   Fast forward a month and while I am getting dressed, she decides to EAT the power cord on my work laptop!!!  She had gnawed through half of it and there were frayed wires hanging out.  This all happened in a matter of 30 seconds to a minute.  I shrieked and grabbed her, cord still attached in her mouth!  You know, I never used the dog ate my homework excuse in school but now I have to tell my boss, "Sorry I didn't get my work done the last two days as the dog ate my power cord."  Will be interesting to see if they approve the replacement cord charge on my company card!! HA HA.  All kidding aside, I just am thankful she's ok - I was in agony after the pill ingestion incident and now this.  It makes me not want to come back and visit my folks anymore! 

So after that fiasco, I decided it was enough for one day and I was off to meet Warren and enjoy the fun day we planned! 

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