Day 2: First full day in an Asian country!

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Me in Ginza, the street is closed off to motor traffic from 12pm-5pm! Tokyo, Japan
Day 2:
Woke up, couldn't really sleep, not used to the floor bed thingy. One shower for the entire hotel and its a pay shower, so we left without showering... Took the subway to Ginza (tokyo is very large and split up into districts or communities, like 20-30 of them!), a popular shopping district. They close the streets to motor traffic from 12pm-5pm and people roam the streets, it's pretty neat, I liked it. Walked around, went to the Sony building, which had all of sony's technology, like stuff that's not even in stores yet (and probably won't be in the USA for a while). Also went to the Apple store which was pretty damn huge, it had like 4 floors, bigger than the Apple store I was in in London, which was huge already.
Harajuku Girls. Tokyo, Japan
Went to this really famous toy store which reminded me very much of Hamley's in London, same setup and store design, wouldn't be surprised at all if it was the same company, or if one copied the other. I then bought a subway card, they're extremely convenient and just plain awesome, you have two choices, a Suica or Pasmo, I'm not sure if one is better than the other, but I think Suica is more widely accepted (like at vending machines and convenience stores). It basically works like a debit card, you load it with money, and it deducts for you as you scan it at subways/busses. The best part, it doesn't swipe, it scans, and it'll scan past several layers. I stuck it in the middle of my wallet, with 2 credit cards on either side, and money and random papers and IDs covering it, and without opening my wallet and just placing the wallet over the scanner, it picked it up (why don't we have something like this!?).
Capsule T-Shirt Store. Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
We then went to Harajuku, there was a cool little park with 2 Toriis, my first Torris in japan! Harajuku girls, still don't quite fully understand it, but it's pretty damn awesome... Alex showed me a cool capsule t-shirt store, they sell t-shirts in capsules for about $15/shirt, pretty cool novelty, good for souvenirs. Went to a "used clothing" store called "We Go", but nothing there seemed used... bought myself a cool hat there. Ate at some weird place called "La Pause", got a weird pizza with chicken, mayo, and seaweed, it was delicious (except for the whole seaweed part). Then we got dessert there, it was also very very good, this place is like downstairs in the popular people-packed walk-way in Harajuku (read the review).
Shinjuku at night. Tokyo, Japan
Went to Shinjuku, some really cool little shopping stores, discovered "Daiso", its like a dollar store (or the 99cent store) but everything is 100Yen, which then was ~$0.89. But the best thing is, it has pretty cool stuff, like stuff that you would NEVER find in a 99cent store in the US, like stuff that you would look at, and know is worth much more than a dollar (good place to buy souvenirs for people that don't really matter, but you want to bring something if it's affordable). Had some time to kill, but too dark to go see anything, saw a movie, Saw 3, the movie theater was very weird, it felt like a high school auditorium, and before the movie started, the lights were on full blast, like no dimming, you could study in there, just different i guess.
"We Go". Cool, cheap clothing store! Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
Had dinner at Freshness Burger (decided I wanted to conquer all of Japan's fast food). Found out about UFO Catchers, they're those toy arcades where you put in money, and you have like this arm grabber thingy and you try and position it, make it drop, and hope it grabs something, well japan is very big on that, they have entire several story arcades of JUST those, had a lot of fun with em, spent a lot of money, won little. Super tired at 9pm, went back to hotel room, did a projected budget for the next 2 weeks, realized Alex had some money problems, had a small argument, went to bed.
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Me in Ginza, the street is closed …
Me in Ginza, the street is closed…
Harajuku Girls. Tokyo, Japan
Harajuku Girls. Tokyo, Japan
Capsule T-Shirt Store. Harajuku, T…
Capsule T-Shirt Store. Harajuku, …
Shinjuku at night. Tokyo, Japan
Shinjuku at night. Tokyo, Japan
We Go. Cool, cheap clothing stor…
"We Go". Cool, cheap clothing sto…
Me in front of the Sony Building i…
Me in front of the Sony Building …
Harajuku Girls. Tokyo, Japan
Harajuku Girls. Tokyo, Japan
UFO Catcher Arcade. Tokyo, Japan
UFO Catcher Arcade. Tokyo, Japan
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