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I enjoy going to Manhattan on St. Patrick’s Day! Yes I really do have Irish in me, about 1/8th (great grandfather) and the first time I happened to be in NYC on St Paddy’s was purely by accident! I was there for work and ended up going out and staying up way too late! I had been to New York before this trip, but my first trip ever was in May and the weather was incredible.  I had learned on that May trip that the bars were open until 4am!  Awesome (why aren’t any states other than NY and Nevada cool like that?)  Anyway, I digress, on this second trip to NYC on St Paddy’s I got to check out the big parade, meet and party with cool people from Ireland, watched some great March Madness basketball games and overall had a wonderful time.  I decided I needed to make it a semi-regular thing.


This trip was my fourth St Paddy’s visit and getting there was an adventure! It turned out that year a sudden snow storm whipped into the northeast and blanketed everything with snow.

  My flight was an evening flight from Seattle to LA then a red eye to NYC and they decided to cancel my flight from LA to NYC!  A friend of mine from Atlanta was supposed to be meeting me in New York and we would hook up with NYC based friends once we got there.  Even though I have some good friends living in LA and could’ve switched plans, with all that NYC pre-planning, I was like “HELL NO!”  So instead, I figured out how to get on a flight to Chicago ASAP.  That worked and as soon as I got to Chicago I went and jumped on standby for the first flight into La Guardia.


The short story is, I beat the storm into New York and as I was taking my cab ride to my hotel that morning, flakes began to fall.

  As you can see from the pictures, they got a nice dose of snow, about 8-10 inches if I remember right.  Anyway, my Atlanta friend was not so lucky.  His flights were cancelled and he didn’t have any way of getting to New York.  That, of course, did not stop me from having dinner with our mutual friends and drinking the night away!  On St. Paddy’s proper we started our pub crawl at the Banshee in the Upper East Side and worked our way down to Swift down in the Bowery with a few place in between.  4am always comes faster than expected! :  )

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photo by: Fitnessguru729