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Week 4 – 2008 T.I.A. outreach team
Monday, January 28th, for our day off we jumped in a taxi and headed out for the Western most part of Africa. Our driver could not understand our broken French and English, so he took us to the wrong location. We made the most out of the experience and explored the area he took us to. We ended up taking a native boat to a nearby island. We spent the day there combing the beach, watching surfers, and climbing the cliffs. At dusk we headed home for dinner and a movie.
Tuesday we spent the morning playing with the Talibe children and in the afternoon Meg and Makayla volunteered at the medical clinic helping in the nutrition center.
Wednesday we attended the weekly prayer meeting. This week it was held at the Tissing's home.

Friday Alex, Matt, Jon Paul, and Christiane went to Dakar Academy to cheer for Jonathan and Deborah as they completed in their annual school Olympics. Meg and Makayla were invited back to the medical center to sit in on consultations and operations for severe burn victims and other serious injuries. They viewed sights that would make most people sick to their stomach and others faint. That night the youth group came over and we had a huge sleepover at the community center. We played video games and watched movies until the wee hours of the morning.
Saturday everyone was still tired from the night before.
So after all the kids went home, we ordered pizza for Christiane's birthday and then relaxed at the beach. Sunday morning Jose gave a wonderful message and we took communion together. Monday Makayla and Christiane treated Remy and his family to a day at the beach. We built sandcastles, splashed each other and jumped in the waves.

Megan received a phone call from Roy that day saying he would be arriving that very night. We all eagerly anticipated his arrival. Roy woke us up at 1:00 am rushing us to hurry and pack because he wanted to drive to the border right away. You could imagine us with our half opened eyes and droggy minds trying to determine whether or not he was playing a prank on us. He assured us that he was telling the truth. We spent several minutes in disbelief and then began to start packing before Roy admitted that he was joking.
Tuesday we spent the morning playing with the Talibe children and Christiane worked on communications and helped Roy unload some items from the truck. That afternoon Meg and Makayla went to help at the medical clinic. We spent the evening saying our goodbyes and preparing to leave for Guinea-Bissau tomorrow.
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