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Week 2 – 2008 T.I.A. outreach team

Our week started out with a day of rest. Monday is our day off. We decided to sleep in and lounge around all afternoon. We spent the evening with the Da Silva’s watching a movie and eating pizza. On Tuesday we set out for a four day expedition to Thioffir Village, which is four hours away. The Da Silva’s purchased property there this past year and built a building to house missionaries. We were the very first missionaries to stay there. Once we arrived we were introduced to Marco Mota, a missionary pastor from the Presbyterian Church of Brazil. He would be our host for the next few days.

Much of our time consisted of prayer for the Seere tribe that lives there.

Currently only one Christian family is within the tribe. The next morning we went to visit the chief of the village. We presented to him the first native language Senegalese Bible. After 33 years of translation, it was finally printed just one week ago.  During our stay we also met another man, who is the leader of the Catholic Church of a nearby village. This village had an atmosphere of joy and hospitality. A local man greeted us and welcomed us into his home. He even offered John Paul a handful of fresh eggs which provided lunch for the day. One of the locals showed us the tree and area where animistic ceremonies and animal sacrifices take place. Human sacrifices also take place there.

One day was spent playing with the children of the village. We ministered to nearly 50 children that day. Remy led worship while we sang and danced and told a story from the Bible.

The kids enjoyed playing soccer with Matt and Alex. On our last day there, we met with the queen of the village. She informed us that there would be a celebration of female circumcision taking place that evening.

That night we could hear the drums and chanting nearby. We even heard the scream of the 33 year old woman that was being circumcised. Minutes later, as we were lying in bed, a seemingly angry mob showed up at our front door chanting and banging. Us girls huddled together and began to pray, while Remy (our friend and translator) calmly opened the door and told them to go home. Apparently they were demanding money and food, but left peacefully. The next morning we headed home with a great satisfaction of our visit there and the ministry that took place.

Friday night we led youth night at the community center.

We played games and John Paul shared a message of passion for Christ. Saturday we were invited to have lunch at Dr. Steele’s. We enjoyed our first meal of authentic Senegalese food together. Dr. Steele shared his insight gained from long years on the mission field. Then we spent the afternoon at the beach with the Da Silva family playing volleyball and jumping the ocean waves.

Sunday morning Alex led worship and spoke during the service. Today was the very first church meeting at the community center. We felt blessed to be apart of the celebration. Then we went to the home of Gary and Anke Tissing, where she had prepared an amazing feast with the most delicious dessert. Her hospitality made us feel welcomed and blessed to be there. We spent the evening with Dayo, our local YWAM contact who works at the university here. She gave us tour of the city and treated us to ice cream.

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