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First stop in India was Bangalore. I did not stay there as I got a pick up to go to Mysore straight away.

I have been in Mysore for the past 2 weeks and I love it here. This is a great place if you want to study yoga. Great teachers and quality yoga. I am studing with Barath Shetty which I have to say is amazing. He is going to be as famous as Pattabi Jois. I am convince of this. His technique is Hatta - Iyengar and I have learned more in 2 weeks than in 2 years in London. He is very serious in the class but he is sweet and has a nice sense of humour.

At the moment there is not many yoga students as the main shala is close but it is better like this. I have made really nice friends through the yoga classes. People from every corner of the world and I am going to feel sad when they will start going away.

In the mornings after yoga class we go to have breakfast to Tinas or Shakty and we like to take our time to do so. Then I go to painging class with Anand who is a fantastic artist and specialises in Mysore painting art. I am doing a Ganesha and is going to be great. I will probably ship it home because it will be a hassle to carry it around. And in the afternoons I have another sesion of Yoga. My days are going by with yoga, painting and going for breakfast and dinners with my new friends. My life here is easy going, relaxed and fullfiling. This is just what I was looking for and I am feeling much better physically, mentally and spiritually. I don't miss my hectic life in London at all.

I was a bit scare of coming to India on my own. But it seems that when you do something adventurous, life gives you good things back. Everything has worked out incredibly well. I feel like at home here and locals are so nice and friendly. Mysore is a great place to spend some time as it is a relatively small town and it is quite clean and easy going comparing  with other bigger places. The main reason to spend time here is yoga but you could stay for a while even if not doing that.

I haven't had much time to explore around because of my busy schedule. I have been to the organic market that is located at Bopis every Sunday morning. It is a very small market with locals selling organic products and you need to be there early as the things go very fast. There is a really nice atmosphere and you meet a lot of foreigners living here. And if you are lucky you can try the creps from Federica a lovely french woman living in Ireland who is also studying yoga.  I have seen  the royal palace at night when all the lights are on and it looks like disney world. A bit tacky but it is impresive. I have also been to Chamundi hill where there is a stairway leading to the hill. It is around 1000 steps in all. I have not done them all. But apparently is a way for locals to keep fit. On the top there is Chamundi temple and in the way up you can find an impressive statue of  Nandi the bull, the vehicle of lord Shiva and finally I have been to the swiming pool located at the Lalitha Mahal palace which was build by the Maharaja of Mysore to host his most important guests. Now it is one of India's most opulent hotels and you can go to the swiming pool where it is always empty and feel like a princess.

I still have another 3 weeks to go here so I am sure there will be other places to tell. Until then ciao from India!!!!!

AnandaMarga says:
I think you are very brave. Congratulations. I want to do the same, even though I have already been to India, this time I want to go back to study Ayurveda, do you know if they teach that there too?
Posted on: May 25, 2008
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photo by: chiyeh