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Entrance to Mereruka's tomb.

Dr. Ikram took my Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt class to the Giza Plateau.  First on our agenda were the tombs by the satellite pyramids.  We visited Idu and Qar's tombs.  These tombs are small, crappy rock cut tombs with mastabas.  Qar's tomb has multiple rooms and columns.  He was also known as Meyrenefer and he was the 'Overseer of the Pyramid Towns of Khufu and Menkaure', 'Inspector of Wab-Priests of the Pyramid of Khafre' and 'Tenant of the Pyramid of Pep I'.  He lived probably during the 6th Dynasty reign of Pepi I or II.  The tomb contained nicely incised hieroglyphs.  Idu's tomb is very, very small.  5 of us had to crouch down inside while Dr. Ikram stood in the doorway and lectured. 


The focus of this trip was 5th and 6th Dynasty tombs.
Kagemni's tomb. Larger view of the hippo hunting scene.

Mastaba of Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum: Two brothers, 5th Dynasty.  The mastaba is in perfect condition and Unas' causeway runs right over the top of it.  The causeway is also in great condition and there are even sections with the sides, roof and relief still left.  Both of the brothers held the title 'Prophet of Re in the Sun Temple of Niuserre, Overseer of Manicurists of the Great House'.  This tomb is unique in that it depicts the two men appearing together throughout the tomb in intimate embraces. 

Ikrukaptah's tomb: (Dynasty 5).  There were 8 statues with titles of his name and family member's names cut into the wall - unusual for Saqqara. 

Neferherenptah: Dyn 5. 'The Overseer of Hairdressers of the Great House.'  The tomb was unfinished.  There is a scene with a female cow mounting a male cow - can we say confused.
Abu Sir. It's so clear, even though it is so far away, because it rained the day before so the thick blanket of smog had been cleared away for one day.

Userkaf's Pyramid:  We couldn't go inside, it was too unstable.

Mereruka's Mastaba:  Dynasty 6.  It is the largest mastaba in Egypt except for Ptahshepses' mastaba at Abu Sir.  Inside this mastaba there were depictions of the journey to Abydos down the Nile using on boats.  He was Teti I's vizier and he was married to the King's eldest daughter.  All the roofing is original and it was one of the few two-story mastabas.

Kagemni's Tomb: Dynasty 6.  He was married to a daughter of Teti I.

Ptahhotep: Dyn 5.  Among the animals depicted were two porcupine.

Shaft Tomb of Ti: Dynasty 5.  We had to climb down a shaft to reach the tomb - not for the clostraphobic.  There was a pillard court yard, decorated inner chamber, serdab room (statue in Cairo Museum), and shaft tomb in the middle of the court yard.  At the end of the burial chamber was a large sarcophagus.

It had rained the day before (one of the three days a year it rained), and so we could see the entire pyramid field - Giza, Saqqara, Dahshur and Abu Sir.  Cairo was even visable from Saqqara!  Any day after it rains get out to the desert, tombs and monuments because the smog will be lifted and you can actually see!!

pinchora says:
this would be an awesome trip!!!
Posted on: Jul 21, 2008
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Entrance to Mererukas tomb.
Entrance to Mereruka's tomb.
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Kagemni's tomb. Larger view of t…
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Abu Sir. It's so clear, even tho…
Giza and Abu Sir.
Giza and Abu Sir.
Red Pyramid - Dahshur.
Red Pyramid - Dahshur.
Userkafs Pyramid.
Userkaf's Pyramid.
Antiquities guards playing a game.
Antiquities guards playing a game.
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Unas' causeway ceiling. Still pai…
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Causeway Ceiling. Look at the bl…
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Causeway side panel. Detailed ca…
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Bricked up tomb. It's so sad. T…
Entrance to Kagemnis tomb.
Entrance to Kagemni's tomb.
Kagemnis tomb. Dancers.
Kagemni's tomb. Dancers.
Kagemnis tomb.  Look at how much …
Kagemni's tomb. Look at how much…
Kagemnis tomb.
Kagemni's tomb.
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Kagemni's tomb. A close up view …
Irukaptahs tomb.  These are all s…
Irukaptah's tomb. These are all …
Mererukas tomb.
Mereruka's tomb.
Dr. Ikram lecturing outside Mereru…
Dr. Ikram lecturing outside Merer…
Khnumhoteps tomb.
Khnumhotep's tomb.
Ptahhoteps tomb.
Ptahhotep's tomb.
Tis tomb entrance.
Ti's tomb entrance.
Tis tomb.
Ti's tomb.
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