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Driving in Egypt is just like driving in most other arab countries - there are lines on the road,  but nobody uses them.  They drive by the mob mentality, everyone jostling and shoving for position.  Crosswalks are non-existant, and already 4 AUC students have been runover and 3 were killed walking to and from class.  Not all of those students hit were study abroad, 1 student was arabic and the other 3 were study abroad. There are almost no stop lights in Egypt and everyone honks their horns all the time, it is just a cultural thing.  All the cars look like they are part of a bumper cars ride, which is exactly what they are.  Fender benders here are the norm.  Yesterday, driving to school the bus rear-ended a car.  The bus driver got out, inspected the bus, the driver of the car inspected his vehicle, they both shouted a greeting at each other (These are phrases that are similar to Hello, How Are You Today, I Am Doing Well, Etc.) and then got back in the cars and we proceeded on to school.  Drivers park fender smashed to fender and they leave their cars in neutral.  So, when someone wants to get out they simply push the other cars out of the way and drive away.  But, since the cars are left in neutral on occasion they will roll away of their own free will.  AUC has one parking attendant whose job it is to roll around the cars that are neutral to get cars in and out of the parking spots that line the streets.  Often he and the man whose job it is to save the bus's parking spot will get into fights.  We aren't always sure about what, but sometimes we think it is because cars are blocking the bus's spot.  Also, people drive with the seatbelt not buckled, but rather slung over one shoulder.  It is against the law to not wear a seatbelt, but nobody wants to wear one, so they just pretend.  Got to love driving in Egypt!  :)
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photo by: vulindlela