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is where we were!

We woke up this morning to another wonderful day and another fabulous breakfast...love it! Peter had arranged our car to take us up to the mountains and we were off!

Ok- let me preface the rest of this by saying yesterday we determined there are several ways to die in Morocco-

  1. Car hitting you
  2. Motorbike hitting you
  3. Bike hitting you
  4. Donkey running you over
  5. Run away snake from a snake charmer
  6. Run away monkey
  7. Orange juice (but only on the square, they don't aways clean the glasses)

So, anyway, we're on our way up to the mountain...and we're just kinda driving along, we had a nice car with a driver who really wanted to talk, lucky for Meghan, more translating!! So, we're still cruisin' along and we get to the mountainy part.

..when I say it was a one lane highway, I'm being nice...it was a one lane path, for cars, maybe. So, let's add that to the list, number 8- falling off the mountain in your car. The best is that cars try (and do) pass each other AND there are big like semi trucks on this road...I thought I was going to die so very much! And I'm pretty sure the driver is laughing at us, oh well!

We get up to this village and this guy jumps in and says "I'm going to be your guide- 300 dirham-" uhh, ok...We were a little confused, we knew we had paid, but I guess we just paid for the driver, or not? But, we were confused, obvious communication issues, 300 dh, whatever! So we agreed. So, we drive up maybe a mile more, the car stops and the driver was like "Ok, bye...see you later".


So let's recap-

  • we almost died like 3572937592 times
  • we're confused
  • only one of us speaks the language
  • now we're on the side of the road with the donkey...
  • shit

Anyway, so our guide starts walking and we figure it's a pretty good plan to follow him, I guess...So we start walking and it's very pretty and quiet and rather peaceful. You can see the snow capped mountains and it looks like you should be able to touch them. We get to this pass and the guide asks if we want to go the long way or the short way...we went with the short way which still turned out to be 1.5-2 hours roundtrip.

So, we're crusin' along just taking in the sights and we cross the little babbling brook and the cows grazing (number 9 way to die.

..pissed off cow) and the F**KING chickens....sidebar- I hate birds, especially chickens, they are mean, nasty and smell, plus they're gross and there are F**KING chickens everywhere, I think it should be another way to die because they're so gross, but we won't count it...So eventually we get to this Kasbah (Kasbah du Toubkal) and our guide takes us in and kinda points up to this terrace and says you can go look. So we head up and there is this beautiful and amazing view for miles and miles! It was really really nice. Eventually we made our way down, but not before stopping at our guide and his brother's (?) shop. We walk in and the guy goes, "You buy something, make happy the Berber people" Uh-ok...So, we know you have to negotiate the price for EVERYTHING, but this guy won't bargain that much and his prices are high, plus he's not letting us out of the shop.
Number 10 way to die... So, we make our purchases, probably got ripped off but in the end no big deal and we head back to "town" and had a late lunch at a little cafe. Again we sat up on the terrace just taking in the views. It was breathtaking!

Crap...back into the car of death and pray to whatever God maybe listening that we make it back. And obviously we did. However we did have to take one minor detour because apparantly the King was out and about and on the road we were on. The Royal Guards wouldn't let us on the road so slight detour and back into the Medina!

We spent some time relaxing at our riad, reading, Meghan was writing and Mary was napping. Meghan and I also spent some time with the other guests just chatting and figuring out dinner plans. We decided we were going to venture into the square and have dinner on one of the rooftop terraces so we could watch the activities. BEST PLAN EVER! We had dinner at Aqua (see my review) and just got to watch the musicians and henna ladies and monkeys and more snakes and medicine people. Plus at night the square becomes like a big food court and while we were a little timid to jump right in we do know you can get a sheep's brain if you're interested!

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photo by: sweetet