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I'm sooo sad! It's our last true day on vacation, I don't want to go home!

We woke up today and went to one of the little bakerys by Meghan's place and got yummy yummy food, God I'm going to miss the food here! after that we jumped the train and headed over to walk along the Seine. First we went over to check out Sainte Chapelle. It's, yeah. Not too much say, we didn't go in or anything.

After that we walked and went to some of the little souviner stalls and got a few little last minute gifts to take home (plus this black and white photo that I've been thinking about...) and we wound up at the Shakespeare bookstore. It's quite an interesting little place. As small as it is it seems like it's very easy to get lost in. We spent some time looking at all the books and exploring the shop.

I bought a book which is turning out to be very interesting. It's called People of the Book and it's by Zachary something-or-other. It's about the relationship between the Muslim/Christian/Jewish cultures. So far I'm only up to the year 680, but it's very interesting!

After the bookstore it was off to have a sandwich grec which is kind of like a gyros, but kind of not. It's one of Meghan's favorite things in Paris, so of course we wanted to partake. Not gonna lie, it was pretty freakin' good, and it would DEFINITLY make awesome drunk food! (Come on, you all know what I'm talking about...)

So...moving right along, we walked along the Seine on the lower portion. It was a nice walk.

I think it's interesting as you go under different bridges you can tell the different time periods and architechtural styles that all coexist. It was a great walk, plus great people watching!

We walked our little behinds over to the Musee d'Orsay where there was a line like I have NEVER seen before. No, I'm not even joking! And lines to me are the worst, if there is a hell, it consisits of standing in a line surrounded by people. EW. No, really, ew. This is where I'm going to point out that I'm a great friend and still waited in the hell-line so we could go. Ew. Let me also point out how dumb we are- the first Sunday of every month is the free day at many museums, so it's a great time to go, unless you hate lines. Ew, and chickens, double ew. So at least after all that hell we didn't have to pay.

So we explored the museum. The building itself is very interesting. It's an old train station and it's actually the station that the Jews came through when (if) they came home from the Nazi concentration camps. So, that was cool. And like I've said before, I'm not a huge art person so an art museum would NOT be my first choice of places to go, but it was still interesting none-the-less. Saw some things I liked, saw some things I didn't so in the end it all worked out!

That night we were supposed to go to a park and have some wine and just relax before we left, but it was a little rainy and we were running late so after getting ready and walking (thus the pic of Le Chat Noir) we wound up turning around, grabbing some crepes and going back to Meghan's to watch a movie...hey, worked for me!

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