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I was born and raised in Roseville, IL - a small, small town in West-Central Illinois.  The population is 1200 people and when I graduated high school there were 113 students in the ENTIRE high school and 24 in my class!!  If you've ever seen the movie Doc Hollywood then you've pretty much seen a summary of my hometown.  In fact, I always use a quote from that movie..."you can't take a sh*t in this town without everyone knowing what color it is!"  It's true - sometimes I even hear gossip about my own family members before my mom gets a chance to tell me!!  I have 2 loving parents, 3 loving/living grandparents, 2 sisters - we think we're loving, but sometimes we can fool you! Ha!  I also have a brother-in-law and 2 wonderful nieces!  21 first cousins (19 on one side, 2 on the other) and my dad's mom has 25+ great grandchildren and we're not anywhere close to stopping that number from growing! 

I went to college at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and received two degrees - BS in Biology, BA in Spanish and also a minor in Chemistry.  It was 4½ great years full of growing friendships, partying, sorority-life, a little bit of studying and fun road trips!  I've made some of the best friends that I will have for life while there.  For the past 2½ years I've been living in the great city of Chicago and have absolutely loved every minute!  While I can't say it's the greatest city all year round, it is definitely the best city in the summertime!  Cubs baseball (or I suppose the Sox, if you're into that), the beaches of Lake Michigan, rooftop barbecues and beer garden drinking - just a few of my favorite things!  I was working at Walgreens full-time as a pharmacy technician and part-time at Chili's in Skokie, IL.  I had to work the two jobs in order to afford my loveable lifestyle and 1BR apt in Lincoln Park.  If you're ever travelling to Chicago and need some ideas, by all means send me a shout out! 

I am now back in Roseville where I will be until March 12th when I leave for Sydney, Australia.  I am so excited for the move and though it's not all for fun and play, I know I will have an absolute blast!  I will be there for at least one year, possibly longer depending on how quickly/smoothly the business gets up and going - I'm nannying for a family who is expanding their business.  What happens at the end of the year is up in the air.  Everyone here thinks I'm going to meet the man of my dreams while in Australia and never come home.  If that happens, great!  If not, I won't be disappointed b/c I'm sure there will be many men of my dreams that I will encounter - haha!  It's possible that I may stop nannying, but become one of the parents' personal executive assistant.  I may also transition fully into the company and be a direct teammember - after Australia the family is going to China and developing Shanghai.  If I don't take any of those opportunities, then after I go with the family to China and help the children transition and find a new nanny, who knows - maybe I'll travel, maybe I'll be ready to come home.  A month ago I thought I was taking a new position and getting a pseudo-promotion within Walgreens - now my whole life has changed and I'm picking up my entire life and moving halfway around the globe.  I'm going to miss a lot of weddings, even more birthdays, and many laughs and tears, but no worries - it's not going to stop me from living my experience to the fullest and capturing every moment of it on film.  Until next time...

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