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Doner Sandwich:) mmmmmmm good! the drink was kind of like a sprite.

I got into Mainz on Friday evening after aland(a TB friend of Liz) picked liz and i up from the Frankfurt-Hahn airport. Now with the name Frankfurt in the airport name i thought the airport was close to Frankfurt, well turns out not really. I think its actually in the area of Hahn? and just has the name that way. The airport was formally a US military airport but is now a public facility. So Aland picks us up(seems like a nice guy) and we drive like 30 minutes or ? to mainz to meet Bettina(dahling), she chose this cuz it was easier for aland than him taking me to Frankfurt since he lives in another area.

Doner, supposed to have two dots over the "o" to give it an "eu" sound... i should have done this in germany with the german computer keyboard :)
Liz was going to stay with him (her own room) in K-town and i decided not to, as i had other stuff i wanted to do and really wanted to see Sven(svenman99) and see Bettina(dahling) who i had been chatting with for a couple months. We decided to try and see how it would work if i stayed at her place since we had many plans that would be easier to leave earlier and not have to meet up at a hostel or something each day, etc.(i stayed in her sons room) it was very nice of them and i appreciate the hospitality the family showed me.

So we meet at the train station, easier location to find for us and it has a restaurant Bettina wanted me to try(agreed to previously in emails). I love trying new foods as long as the food does not smell like cooked liver and does not have anything to do with testicles from any kind of animal! So i am excited to try something new, wether its traditional german or not i am told its very popular there.

Oh my gosh, i was hungry and i wolfed down my Doner Sandwich(doner has two dots over the "O", but i am on an english keyboard:), then i finish off Bettinas huge plate of food after she can't eat any more. Now keep in mind i was hungry but not starving enough to eat anything and think it was good no matter what. So i was ready to give my opinion about the food.....  That opinion would be: GOOD SH*T MAYNARD! (sorry phrase i heard growing up, have know idea what it means something the "OLD " people would say(my

I was like "man this is good", and holy cow why don't i have one of these by me??? i have 4 Mcdonalds type places within 2 miles(er i mean heart attack joints:) but i have no Doner places :( wtf is that all

I was just really happy with the food and the prices, the guys kept asking if i liked it, duh thats like asking if i like Bacon,  or Irish Cream, or Rocky Road ice cream(answer is hell ya:) .

a "club" of Doner, they carve it off
.. Funny after Norway and its expensive prices(dollar is week and they have higher wages, etc.) i was feeling guilty that the food was so good and i was paying so little. I think the food was only like $6-7 US which was good considering the euro is kicking the dollars A*S.

So well done to Bettina on the first choice of food joints, and thanks to the people who worked there for being really nice and patient with this naive American tourist :)

I feel i owe it to them(great food and service) to give a review, so that will be coming!

After we finished the meal we sat and chatted for a while til it was like 11pm or so atleast. We then left and Bettina was going to take me into Frankfurt and drive around a bit to see what the city looked like at night and i think maybe walk around a bit. But it had started raining so we decided to bag that idea and just head home as i think it was going to be close or past midnight by the time we got home and i was tired from alot of driving and aiport/flying time that day and we had lots to do the next day. So we went home(to her place) and crashed, thus ending my first evening in Germany.

homeres says:
if u ever make it to Detroit they have Doner kebab shops there...
Posted on: Nov 01, 2008
yheleen says:
delicious :) am hungry now...
Posted on: Jul 14, 2008
sylviandavid says:
I enjoyed your blog.... great food shots....
Posted on: Mar 19, 2008
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Doner Sandwich:) mmmmmmm good!
Doner Sandwich:) mmmmmmm good! t…
Doner, supposed to have two dots o…
Doner, supposed to have two dots …
a club of Doner, they carve it o…
a "club" of Doner, they carve it …
Turkish doner restaraunt at Mainz …
Turkish doner restaraunt at Mainz…
photo by: Toonsarah