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Lucian and i, met in Antigua Guatemala, infront of Catedral Metropolitana  at central park, i had a great time with Lucian, we talked about everything that came to our minds, we went to a church Called Escuela de Cristo located southeast of the city of Antigua, stablished in 1689, very quiet, a nice atmosphere, a place Lucian didnt know about, hes first time there, it has a beautiful small very well taken care park.

We continue our walk to have lunch, (man was i hungry), went to work earlier that day, and really didnt had time to eat anything, so lunch was a pretty good idea at that moment, so we went to "la fonda de la calle real", (i know i always go there), but it has a nice patio, a fresh place to sit, talk, eat good food, and really enjoy a moment, we were there at least 2 hours, (or i think it was more), we had so much to talk about, it was like if we knowed each other from a long time ago, we had to talk about alot of things, every subject was a perfect reason to talk, share thoughts, or even disagree about points of view, its incredible how time flies, when your in such good company.

Escuela de Cristo church, and part of the beautiful park located in front of it.

Lucian made me understand so much, about how friendship works, from a previous not so good experience, meeting a fellow traveler, he proved that not everyone is the same, he mention something about coming to Antigua, because sometime ago, when we met in TravBuddy, he decided to come and visit my beautiful country, because of my travel blogs, and that, was one of the reasons he came to Guatemala. he told me he wanted to see, my country, my landscapes, to know about my city, and see them thru my eyes, at that moment i realize, i was sitting infront of a great person, hes words felt really nice, coming from someone you barely know, a friend you want to have, it was Lucian a guy from Rumania, that made the difference.

Later on, we walked a bit, and went to a bar located near "Calle del Arco" called "Frida's" in honor of mexican painter, we had some good nachos, with beef and chicken, (ummm they were good), yeah some mojitos and beers too, hehe, later on my good friend Carla, called me she was near the area, so i asked her to come, she got to met Lucian too, we ended up having a great time, we agreed on seeing each other the next day in Guatemala City, i wanted to show him, central park, palacio nacional, catedral, some good museums of history, and maybe eat in zona 10, unfortunatelly, some travelers with him in his group, booked him the next day, for the volcanoe trek, so we couldnt met.

patio of the restaurant where we had lunch.

This blog is dedicated to an excelent person, Lucian, my new best friend and travbuddy.




jkbopb says:
Great Job my friend!!

Posted on: Mar 08, 2008
catalina says:
Qué bien, me gustaría mucho conocer también a Lucian.
Anoche Saskia de Suiza vino a mi casa y tomamos un tecito, primera TB at my home :)
Posted on: Mar 08, 2008
lucian_32y says:
Muchas gracias amigo! It´s true - friendship is the best thing that can happend. See you soon!
Posted on: Mar 06, 2008
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Escuela de Cristo church, and part…
Escuela de Cristo church, and par…
patio of the restaurant where we h…
patio of the restaurant where we …
Santa Catalina Arc, right across i…
Santa Catalina Arc, right across …
outside Fridas
outside Frida's
haha, my friend Carla.
haha, my friend Carla.
meeting point infront of catedral …
meeting point infront of catedral…
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