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Simple beauty

Sometimes I really question the sanity of the military and my sanity in dealing with it.  No, the move did not  happen.  I am not even going to write down where we being told that we are going to go next so I do not jinx us. 

My daughter who is 5 has been very sick the past month.  She came down with stomache pains on the 1st of Feb and they ( military Dr.s) still have not been able to figure out what is wrong with her.  At one point around the 8th of Feb we were told that she had Lymphoma.  Thank God that was not the case, but we continue to be at the hospital with her. 

I quit my job and I cut back on clients so i can spend more time with her.  We are all very worn down and my husband is receiving the brunt of it.  He works 9-12 hours of a mid shift then he will come home and go the the Dr. appts with us.  Tomorrow will be a big day.  We are getting the last round of test results back.  I pray to God that all comes back well, but I sure hope they find out what is wrong with my baby girl.  I feel like I have gone a month without sleep. 

My daughter is taking this all in stride.  I think the fact that she is being spoiled rotten has something to do with this.  My MIL sends packages addressed to "Princess Audryanna" and now my daughter will wear her crown everywhere.  She told the nurse who was putting in a new IV last week that if the nurse hurt her she was going turn the nurse into a "goon" ( from little bunny foo foo) with her magic wand.  Little giggles here and there have made this adventure manageable.  I will be on more and if Audry is better we will be hitting the road for Spring Break.  I think we really need the break. 

Warm regards,


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Simple beauty
Simple beauty
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