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I was SO tired from bussing home and working all day yesterday that all I wanted to do was laze around on my ass all day. However, my host family reminded me that I was in Europe to see stuff so I took the opportunity to visit Langres, a small medieval town in the norther Champagne region. Needless to say, I couldn't keep my eyes open for longer than about 3 seconds of the 2h car trip.

I have nothing against picturesque French towns, and this one has more than its fair share. The whole town is surrounded by huge fortifications, it really does look like a citadel on to of a hill. They have all of the requirements: cobbled streets, tiny brasseries, a pretty Cathedral with a pretty  little park beside it, and a plethora of aristocratic architecture.

I had a walk around in the centre of town, which is a street with some clothing shops and banks and supermarkets, and then took a peek inside the Cathedral. I even walked all the way around it to check out the little chapel for Saint Somebody (I thought it was an actual body in the glass coffin thing but it turns out it was just a mannequin).

Emerging from there I picked a direction at random and made my way along winding alleys to the Walls. I walked almost all the way around them (not quite 3.5km) and stopped to check out some of the old guard buildings. Its pretty fascinating and they have little plaques around the place disclosing tidbits of history. I do like old buildings and when I got bored I just started imagining Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen defending the walls ;)

It started to rain a bit so I thought I would head to the town museum, why is everything closed on Mondays? Honestly! All I wanted was to be inside and dry and..... um, I mean, learn interesting things from exhibits.... Anyway, education being denied I retired to the Petit Bakery and had some kind of pizza-pita pocket and freshly squeezed OJ. I was surpised that it only cost about 3E. I managed to resist the temptation of a sweet pastry and wandered away down mainstreet. I did fail a bit here, like any woman on a rainy day I decided to treat myself too soe retail therapy. It wasnt my fault I swear! And I only bought ONE thing AND it was on sale (and it was reeeealy cute)!

At 2.30pm I went back to meet up with my lift and slept my way back to Metz.
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photo by: bernard69