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Yes that's right, thought I was flying out of Barcelona on Thursday, turns out it was Wednesday! Thank god I checked my ticket on a whim, weird how I seem to be incapable when it comes to dates (as in calendar dates! :P)

Packed, dried washing with a hairdryer and got on the train to Blanes, then caught the bus to Lloret de Mar. Where I found out that th next bus to Girona Aiport wasn't until 4pm and my flight left at 2pm! So, took the first taxi I've had by myself in about 5years, cost: 40€. The rest of the day went very smoothly, abeit slowly.

Was interrogated by British Passport Control, yes I am trying to illegaly immigrate... to be honest I could think of sunnier places! Thanks to that I had about 10mins to find the Eurolines office to get my ticket for the coach to Chesterfield.
It took forever! I got into Stanstead at 3:45, got on the bus at 4:15 and didnt get to the Tarn until 9:30!!! (where Bondy thoughtfully sent me a taxi because he couldnt leave the TV). I had managed to arrive during overtime of the Chelsea v Manchester football game.... I got the impression this was a big deal :P

Thursday we went out in Sheffield with Bondys friends Adam and Craig, honorable mentions to Adam for drinking +20pints of beer and then dancing like there was no tomorrow and also to Craig for lasting the night on Red Bull and still pulling some sweet moves in Leadmills. NB: the Carlington (sorry: Carling Academy - Thanks Bondy) is NOT open on a Thursday and this sucks even more when you are dying to pee.

Friday Bondy and I did sweet FA, watched movies all day, did some grocery shopping, more movies; we couldnt even be bothered to go out on Friday night! Slackers. Still didnt end up going to bed til like 4am, dont know how we did that. So we werent exactly rested and refreshed for driving to London the next day.

We left a bit later than planned, although this wasnt entirely my fault, I will admit that if I hadnt waited til 3am to hang my washing out it probably would have been dry sooner. Still! We got there in the end, about 7hours after we were supposed to check into the Smart backpackers Hostel. The only Smart thing to do is avoid that place, the beds actually have serious competition from the floor in terms of comfort.

My first night in Chesterfield was spent drinking, celebrating and being explained the various virtues of English football.
mypictures4u says:
>> the beds actually have serious competition from the floor in terms of comfort.

Haha, love this one! When my wife (then girl friend) and I went for our first big holiday trip to the Pacific Northwest we decided to buy a double air mattress. Sounds great? Hem, there are several reasons not to do that I can tell you. But I won't comment on them here. The point is that after having paid our flight and car we were financially on the rocks. Therefore we bought a rather cheap mattress. The result was...uncomfortable. this d... thing quit its service seven times! Have you ever tried to find a microscopically small hole with the help of a small flashlight in the middle of a pitch-dark night? The first incident took place in Yellowstone NP. Not only was it totally dark inside and outside the tent. It was bone-chilling, too. No way to get this mattress "on air" again. I ceded the rear bench seat in the car to Katrin and slept on the ground. Seven times. I panted for revenge! And on the last day of our trip the time had come. There was an inviting huge dumpster close to our tent. And I was willing to destroy the perpetrator of evil...er...discomfort. Naturally I didn't simply want to chuck away the mattress. No. A real savage sentence was needed. Burn it? No, eco-unfriendly. Tear to death? Yes! :-D To celebrate my triumph I gave the video cam to Katrin to get everything on tape. Here we go! At least I thought so. Turned out that my executioner skills weren't very impressive. Actually I wasn't able to tear out a single piece of it! Frustrated I threw it away and trampled around on the mattress in anger. Must have been a disturbing sight for the other campers: a glowering German weirdo jumping up and down on a deflated mattress... Finally the rampage was over and I sunk the lifeless victim in the dumpster. Not very satisfying, though.
Posted on: May 29, 2008
Bondy2007 says:
'incapable when it comes to dates...and times (d'dorf! ;p)'

The Carlington? where the bloody hell is that?
haha you didnt tell me about the bus incident...probably for the best!

P.S dont look into Kat's eyes as she is a Sorceress!!! :p
Posted on: May 29, 2008
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infamous Holy Pants
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