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Casa Batllo
Monday in Spain,

Got up at the reasonable hour of 10am today, the weather didn't look promising so I figured why rush out of the house? Had an authentic "Spanish Coffee" (I'm calling it that because I made it in Spain) which consisted of condensed milk, as there was none of the fresh vairety in the house, and instant coffee powder and hot water.... not too bad but I'm not addicted. Then, lured by the family's gorgeous AppleMac PC, I started watching a movie called Into The Wild (which I haven't finished but so far it's top notch!).

Around 11 I thought I should probably move my ass and do some sightseeing in Barcelona so, one painful 50min train ride later... Plaça Catalunya! From here I walked down to Gaudi's Casa Batllo.
Pretty crazy place, Gaudi was either a genious or on some pretty serious herbs. Either way the place looks like Alice in Wonderland meets Captain Hook (what's with the bones man?) and its amazing. I shelled out 13.50€ for the ticket, finally my student card comes in handy! It was an OK deal, you get to wander around and the audio guide is free. To be honest the guide was a little on the pompous side to me, a lot of arty classical music and over-the-top speculation about Gaudi's mood, inspiration, favourite breakfast food etc. Though the explanation of how he used his materials to create the illusion of space or colour was pretty interesting.

I actually spent over an hour in the house (for those who care, my favourite was the very last Loft Room) so when I got out it was already 2.
30pm! Out of sheer laziness, and hurting a bit from the entry fee, I ate at McDonalds across the street. Then, to curb my guilt about fast food for lunch, I walked down the the Sagrada Famillia cathederal. I'm glad to report that it IS all it's cracked up to be, despite the ever-present scaffolding.

The Sagrada looks like a church built by... well, Gaudi actually... what it lacks in age it makes up for in enthusiasm and creativity. I've never seen a church that looked like so much FUN before! Very Spanish. I really like the fact that the construction is ongoing, when I return to Spain it will be different! Unfortunately I couldn't bring myself to pay 10€ and go through a TURNSTILE to visit a place of worship, that incidentally has a built-in gift shop. So I took some pictures of the outside and hung out in a cafe (normal coffee this time) to plan my next move.

By this time it's 4pm, humid and I am pretty much broke. I had already figured out on the train into town that all the museums I wanted to visit are closed on Mondays (of course...) and I couldn't really think of anything else relatively cheap, as in free. So I walked down to the Arc de Triomph to train home. There was only minor hassle today, I had to slip through after some-one else because my ticket wouldn't work. But I figure I already bought the 5€ return so I paid my dues.

When I got off the train in Catena de Mar the sun was shining and the beach was just too tempting to resist. I went and sat, took some random photos and decided to sunbathe for a while. So I ended today laying on the sand next to the Mediterranean, my thought of the day? Sometimes my life does not suck AT ALL

Have a Nice Day Guys! :)
lovely_lori88 says:
kat i love your writing! so funny
Posted on: May 26, 2008
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Casa Batllo
Casa Batllo
view from my friends apartment
view from my friend's apartment
random smoked leg of pig... yuk
random smoked leg of pig... yuk
photo by: fivepointpalm