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Road to Dover
As much as I love the UK, I did have to go home at some point (seeing as though I stayed a week longer than I was already supposed to!). Unfortunately, it was too expensive for me to go from England to Paris to Metz, also I have a friend who wanted to go to Belgium to stock up on beer. So we decided to meet in a city clled Arlon and then drive home together. Sounds simple yeah? Catch a bus to Brussels then a train to Arlon. Easy!

My journey started on the 30th of April at 6.30pm. Seb and I drove from Cambridge to Dover so that I could catch my bus, thanks to some lovely traffic and horrendous weather, we arrived at 10pm just an hour before the bus left.
So I got to hang around the Dover departures lounge (re: random photos of pirate-man). And then, after getting on a (late) Eurolines coach and feeling like an kid on the first day of school (desperately seeking cute guy to sit next to... no luck) and found myself next to a nice Polish whose name escapes me.

Then the ferry was delayed, 2hours in a stationary bus on Dover terminal leaves much to be desired! (Many thanks to the two men behind me who would NOT SHUT THE F*** UP) and finally we were driven about 100m onto the Ferry, where we had to get off again and go up into the passenger lounge, where I did finally manage to sleep on a lounge. So it took me about 3hours to get 500m from Departure to Ferry... Nice.

The bus trip was relatively un-eventful, I got to watch the sunrise over A Belgian Motorway, which are the only fully lit roads in the world uninterestingly enough.
Then we arrived at Brussels-Noord at around 8.30am. So I caught the train; which I hope was free because I couldnt find a ticket machine, to Brussels-Midi where my train departed from. Brussels-Midi is a nice station, theres plenty to do: e.g. walk 5km to the ATMs which are nowhere near anything you need cash for.

Now the fun really starts! I went to check in and get my ticket, and the very nice lady tells me that she cant print tickets booked on the Sncf website because it was created in France and doesn't work or something. I needed to go to the Sncf office in the centre of the city so they could print my ticket. So I happily get on the metro, find the office and................... they are CLOSED. May 1st is a holiday in Belgium so of course the French ticket office shuts. So, our brave heroine gets back on the metro, lines up at Brussles-Midi and waits to speak to the same nice ticket lady; who tells me that I have to buy another ticket, AND I cant do it at her desk. I have to line up AGAIN in a different section. Then, the real kicker is: the ticket from the station was CHEAPER!

Arlon, 3.30pm: Thankfully my friend was there to meet me at the Station! We wandered around the May 1st market and he got the precious beer and I had the nicest Pita ever (my first proper meal since dinner in London)! We drove home to the beat of James Morrison and I fell into the nicest sleep I ever hd on four wheels.

Home Sweet Home

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Road to Dover
Road to Dover
so much for the fabulous Cliffs...
so much for the fabulous Cliffs...
photo by: Vlindeke