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Well to my EXTREME disapointment, the cadichon (which my host family has glorified for weeks) was pretty much crap-tastic. I forget to think of things relative to a teeny-tiney French village. What they think is a rockin good time is very.. well... I hate to say boring...

Let me paint you a picture. It was not a very nice day, cloud and intermittent rain and generally depressing. We walked down the the centre of town, which is the road with the only set of traffic lights and the patisserie. So we get down to the Church, and there are some little stalls selling peoples old junk. Yes folks its a trash-and-treasure sale! There are some stalls with beer (THANK GOD) and food and even some people selling some goods of questionable legality... "it fell of the back of a truck monsieur I swear!"

The other highlight of our *cough* celebration of summer.. hmm yeah European Summer, love it... was a display of local talent. One of the weirdest sights I have ever seen is a bunch of middle-aged French people in cowboy hats and TASSLES dancing to Irish folk songs and drinking German beer. You can't say we aren't a multicultural bunch. I think Corny is the last place I ever expected to hear: "Its not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me..."

Well the food was good and I picked up a cute little bedside lamp and there was food and beer, so really what am I complaining about? I think that my dear companion thought I was a country bumpkin because I told him how fantastic the cadichon would be. Oh well, now you all understand my motivation for going ELSEWHERE :D and to be fair (doug) it is quite a pretty little town and very relaxing place to return to.
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photo by: lauro