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I have a love-hate relationship with Eurolines. On the one hand they are cheap and, as buses go, not that uncomfortable. On the other, their timetables are never convenient and I dont remember being on one that came in on-time. This is ok because part of traveling is planning for delays and dealing with grumpy bastard drivers and stopping off at the most expensive cafeteria in Belgium.

Going through the Channel Tunnel, or the Chunnel as the eloquent Brits like to call it, is both exciting and boring. Yeah it was pretty amazing seeing a bus manouever onto a train and know that you are underwater(!!) but it wears off after about a minute. The driver reckoned that the Chunnel cuts about an hour off the journey (since the Ferry takes 1.45h in good weather) but I don't actually have any expert opinion on this.

After courting disaster and almost missing the ONLY bus that would connect with a train that would actually see me get to work on time at 7.30am Monday, I sat next to a nice man called Richmond who was on his way home to Amsterdam. I had guessed that the bus that went through Brussels would continue to A'Dam so I was expecting lots of other young backpackers and generally to party along. Nope.

There were some nice Aussie girls sitting in the back and a couple of droky-looking American guys a few seats away but other than that it was run-of-the-mill types like my seat buddy. I like making friends with the people I sit next to because it makes me more comfortable about going to sleep. Especially since I tend to unconciously snuggle unsuspecting strangers, plus they are less likely to nick stuff.

I am happy to report that catching public transport is getting easier with time, I won't say less stressful because traveling alone always produces a specific type of stress known as: "holysh*t-Ihavetodothisallbymyself" but I find that part of the fun! The best feeling is getting to where you are SUPPOSED to be and knowing that you booked, paid for and organised it AND you handled the 10milllion dramas that unfaillingly emerge en route.
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photo by: Vlindeke