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I have been in France for 10 Days! So, being a student of the metric system, I thought this would be a good time to reflect on my experience so far. [I just realised, writing that, that a lot of what I was going to say needs a bit of a rethink. I have only been here 10 Days!] I'm here for 6 months! Haha! I was worried because I have found the language barrier very difficult.

I didn't really learn much French before I came, I was only home for a month and in that time I was trying to save money and have my 18th and catch up with countless people I hadn't seen since school ended (in September 07). So I just didn't have time! And before my Christmas holiday I had no idea I would be coming to France. Hence, I'm sightly unprepared. The Uni of Metz isn't doing the French course I had been relying on taking so it is taking a bit longer to find other classes so that I can properly start to learn. My French is very basic, I can order a coffee and tell you that I'm from Australia and how old I am, my knowledge mostly revolves around food, animals and the occasional swear word. None of those are exactly  appropriate for general conversation!

I live with family friends, the wife is an Aussie, but she is in Australia right now, and the husband and sons speak English well but of course they had school and work all day so I was hanging out with the visiting Grandparents who speak almost none! So naturally I was feeling a little starved for conversation! I have been slowly making friends and such but as one put it: I didnt truly know him simply because he couldn't express himself and make jokes like he did in French. Totally understandable. At the moment I am trying to soak up as much as I can while looking for some classes! Hopefully I will find something soon!!

I HAVE been enjoying the nightlife of Metz! So far my favourites are the Belgian Pub, which serves the delightful La Chouffe beer to which I am shamelessly addicted! And I went to another, that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of, and saw a great live local band, just last night! They were called Jameses or Jamsesh or something.... very Indie Rock. And the following bands were also talented. One incorporated a violin and an instrument that sounded very much like a steel drum.  haven't yet hit many clubs, I was warned to pace myself because the selection is slim haha!

I started working for another family last week. I am officially an Au  Pair!  The kids are great, I think I am going to get very attached to them even though I wouldn't call myself a kid person! I enjoy having a set schedule but I don't have to work the same days each week and I have lots of time off! This gives me a lot of time to a) plan and execute my European Travel Adventures and b) to find other part time work such as cleaning and babysitting for extra cash. Tres Bien! This situation suits me well I think.

All of my plans are going well, I'm glad I have only positive things to report! My first proper travels are next weekend where I will be joining some fine EU citizens for a TB Meetup in Dussedorf, Germany. Fun!

A Bien Tot! Xo
miss_tijera says:
I enjoyed your blog. Looks like you are enjoying the European experience. I have to ask a question though...did you drive or take the train to Metz. I don't live far away from there but I want to find good parking there so I can walk around (like somewhere near the train station).
Posted on: Aug 14, 2010
lauro says:
yey! would be waiting for you in big D! :D
Posted on: Apr 13, 2008
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