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Ok so this trip I did actually come a day early on PURPOSE! It was so much cheaper to fly in on Wednesday that it justified the extra night in the hostel. After a bit of misunderstanding I booked into the Ole Hostel, originally planned to be in the Pop where the others would be arriving the next day but Ole is run by the same company and is down the road so I survived!

I'm glad that I ended up in the Ole [review] because I met some great people there. The place was Little Sydney, I swear after about 5 minutes I stopped asking where people were from and just assumed they were Aussie! It was great to share stories with people from home and bond (and drink) with familiar voices. I also met Steph, a crazy Canadian on the ass end of her Europe trip.

I got into town around 7pm (longest metro ride ever! I am interested to know how many other major cities have a metro station at the airport?) so after doing that thing where you get out of the station, pick a direction and then walk in a circle for 45 minutes until you realise it was the street directly on the OTHER SIDE. Anyway, after chatting with Steph and some others I went off in search of some dinner and we agreed to meet back at 10pm to hang out in the common room.

I was originally in search of some touristy Spanish cuisine but got hungry so I settled for Mexican. So one mohijto and a chicken wrap later, I walked back to the Ole. Steph invited me to share a bottle of Sangria, and who says no to that? So a bunch of us sat around until the common areas closed at midnight. Obviously a bunch of Aussies a Canadian and some Americans full of Sangria aren't going to call it quits just yet. We headed out or course! First stop: Molly's Irish Pub, great atmosphere and the cave downstairs has a cute little dance floor. It wasn't that packed but I mentioned it was a Wednesday right?

Somebody decided we should look for this rock bar, which granted I was in the mood for and it really did seem like a good idea at the time. Well after about an hour of walking, checking, asking for directions, walking, and sometimes singing, we found it! .... Closed. Well it was a Wednesday and to be fair the sign on the entry indicated that it SHOULD have been open. Oh well, right? We surely could find a nice bar with some cold beer. Well, I'm not sure who it was but we were directed around in another suspiciously elliptical route to Tribunal Square.

There, we were told, is a mega club called Paacha that will surely have alcohol and music and dancing etc. Well, it had booze. At 12E a pop for beer and wine, I sure as hell didn't drink though. Also, it was completely empty. Apart from a few other groups of equally embarrased-looking tourists, it was D-E-A-D as in flatline, quiet as a church. A word to the wise: Paacha may be pumping on other nights but the drinks are second-rate and expensive and on a Wednesday, it SUCKS. There's a reason why they give you free entry.

So we ended up back at Molly's, after all that! We should have just stayed at the bar 50m from our hostel! And I read later that Molly's is actually quite famous and really quality. Ah well c'est la vie, and now you know where NOT to go which is just as helpful!
lauro says:
hahahahaha what a frist day!!!!
Posted on: Jul 24, 2008
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