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... Did I mention Sunny??

My foremost reason for coming to Madrid was my strong need to see my closest TB pals before we all go on big and small trips over the next few months, it was awesome to catch up with old friends and meet new (sliiiightly crazy) ones too! However, only Bondy was arriving at midday, the rest were due to get in around 9.30pm that night.

In the morning I HAD planned on doing the Free Tour offered by the hostel, which actully heaps of people said was good so do get around to it if you're going: www.neweuropetours.eu but even though it left at the reasonable hour of 11, do you think I made it? Nadachance. So Steph and I, having bonded over last night's shall we say adventure? Decided to do a walking tour of our own.

We walked down the Paseo de Castellana which runs into the Paseo de Recoletos which is where most of the touristy buildings such as the Banco Espana and Palacio des Communicaciones are. They really are pretty amazing in terms of that really (correct me here please) intricate Baroque decoration that the Catholic Spanish rulers and architects embraced.

The Paseo de Prado had heaps of outdoor cafes and beer gardens and was very pleasant, after that we took advantage of the weather to explore the Parc del Retiro which is pretty much Madrid's answer to Hyde Park. There was a good mix of locals and tourists so we didn't feel like it was totally contrived. You can understand why they get into parks and shady a la carte eating. The weather was beautiful but how are you supposed to work in that heat? Come to think of it I haven't seen very many Spanish people working.... hahah they have the right attitude I guess.

Bondy interrupted our reverie to announce that he had indeed arrived ("the British are coming!!") and to meet him at the Tribunal tube tation when we were ready. So we decided to walk it. On the way we passed through the Pueto del Sol, the tourist and historical hub of Madrid; which is currently full of roadworks and therefore not that imposing or awe-inspiring. It's kind of a mess actually. We made our way through to Tribunal and (shock horror) Bondy wasn't there. Now I won't go into detail about how he spent half an hour looking for the hostel and actually spent some time standing right outside the door... oh wait...

Steph and I had some sandwiches and Bondy managed to find us (damn). So after some deliberation we returned to Ole for me to pack my stuff and haul ass down to Pop for us to check in. Then we spent an enjoyable few hours dividing our time between a conveniently located pub and our hostel room (my roomies this time- LESS FUN. No offence but if you stay in a hostel, BE SOCIABLE) and managed to pick up another lonely traveller, whose name escapes me, Dan? Anyway, he was actually a really cool guy and I hope someone got his email.[Ahh Russell I'm so sorry! I was having such a blank]

When the others did arrive, yes Lori pretty sure I heard you from down the hall, it was general merriment all around! They got settled in and then we all went out for some light refreshment. Note: the Aussie bar full of Spanish people that didn't sell Fosters; and the other bar that we were preeety sure was a gay club. All in the name of fun!
Bondy2007 says:
Its very easy to stand outside that hostel and not know its there!!

'Bondy managed to find us (damn).' I know you were happy to see me in your boating regalia! :p
Posted on: Jul 27, 2008
kat_mac27 says:
give a girl a minute! that oneis a biggie so its taking a wihle :P
Posted on: Jul 25, 2008
lauro says:
you forgot july 11! hahahaha im looking forward to it!!! hahaa
Posted on: Jul 24, 2008
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