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Taylor (US), Ami(Canada), Steve (US)
The only sucky thing about traveling alone is that you don't have a guaranteed person to go out with. I don't really feel comfortable being by myself in strange cities at night so generally I look around for TBs etc in the area. However, Friday was not working for me, nobody wanted to go out! So I took Lori's advice about the Pub Crawl, it was a great way for me to meet new people and it all tourists so almost everyone spoke English. (I know it´s a bit of a cop-out but being alone and a girl is a bit daunting sometimes). Did I mention that from the town I am staying in there is no public transport between 10.30pm and 5am? So if you go out you commit to being out all night!

I didn't start off too well, I was told the Crawl left from the Travel Bar at 9.30pm but I didn't get into the city until 10pm! So I walked down Las Ramblas thinking I'd go to the bar anyways and see how my night went.
Then I realise that I don't know exactly where this bar is!! So I walked until I thought I was pretty close and then walked up to a guy and asked if he knew where it was. This is my lucky night: I asked a guy who WORKED for Travel Bar! Simon told me that I wasn't too late and he would personally take me to the bar to make sure I didn' get lost AND he gave me a ticket for a free shot! How much do I love Barcelona?

So I paid my 15€ and went down to where the other people on the Crawl were congregating, the first people i met were Taylor and Steve from Virginia (I have a feeling they were just relieved anyone was talking to them, American travelers get a lot of shit). I also met some American-Indian guys whose names escape me but they were really nice! After a brief chat we moved to the first bar (which of course I have no idea what the name was), that turned out to be a Tequila Bar.
We got our free shot, I HATE tequila and have done for a while but I decided I had to if it was free and maybe I'd changed... nope still hate tequila! Then some of the guides started getting people to do body shots, thankfully I was sober enough NOT to volunteer because this was no kind of body shot I've ever seen before! Let's just say it was far from tasteful (and I wouldn't have thought whipped cream would go with tequila too well...)

After that we went to another bar, this one was not as great, we got free shots and two-for-one beers but it was noisy and really hot! Here I met Amy and Myra from Canada and some of their friends. The names get few and far between after this... I also met a VERY friendly Dutch guy whose name I can't remember either!! I also met a really nice girl from Australia and two Navy guys from England (that I'm pretty sure were called Goose and Sandy).
the proud british navy
After this we went to another bar down at the Port, all I remember was that it was really disgusting and everyone decided they needed to pee at the same time. I do know that we went to a club after this but from about 3.30a, onwards it gets pretty fuzzy... I'm sure I had a great night though!

What I learnt:

Never drink Vodka from a squirt gun

...or beer from a Funnel (I didn't do this!)

Wear COMFY SHOES, seriously my feet killed and I had to walk home the next day carrying my shoes

Trying to catch public transport while drunk is pointless and time-consuming

Tequila Bars are Lethal (if anyone gets out a can of cream, back away slowly!)

derekbilldaly says:
Haha no way!
When I was in Barcelona a few years back, I couldnt find a place to stay so I went on this pub crawl. By the end of it, Simon ended up organising me and a guy from Liverpool a room in his apartment. Had a great week with all the Travel Bar crowd
Posted on: Jul 26, 2008
lovely_lori88 says:
haha yes! glad you took my advice!!
Posted on: May 26, 2008
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Taylor (US), Ami(Canada), Steve (U…
Taylor (US), Ami(Canada), Steve (…
the proud british navy
the proud british navy
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passed out on the table
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