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....but not really:

Last night I figured out that if I could get to Rotterdam by 15:55 on the Dutch national trains, I could get another to Brussels, then buy my ticket to Luxembourg and then home to Metz. I am slowly becoming a bit famous for my bungled attempts at transporting myself around the Continent. I dont know how you lot do it but I tend to think Im really organised and then at the last minute it becomes rather higgledy-piggledy. Keeping the the trend, my Netherlands experience was no different!

My first mistake: booking any kind of transport outside France using the supposedly international TGV website. It CLAIMS that you can book tickets  for anywhere in Europe. Unfortunately I had already learned not to use it in Belgium but I had assumed this wa an isolated case. No. The French website........ I give you all a moment to digest the fact that it is French (so really i should have known better), works wonder IF and only IF you are inside France. So I had booked a ticket on that would not print out on the Dutch eTicket machines.

Second Mistake: Being a lazy bastard, that certain TBs can attest to, I decided to take the later train that had a Rotterdam ETA of 15:37. Bad move. It was late (Duh) and we arrived at 15:50.

My situation: no ticket, no print out of booking, HUGE queue at ticket/information office, 5minutes until train left (I was also a tiiiny bit stoned too), no cash, no Travelex ATM... Shit.

In the end I decided to jump on the train and hope for the best. The *ticket* had only cost me 30E so at worst I woud only lose that if I had to pay for another one. My luck held! The Dutch ticket lady was very understanding and she said that she could only accept cash but her Belgian counterpart had a card reader and I culd buy a new ticket from him. This my not sound that lucky until I disclose that no Belgian ticket man came through my carriage in the entire journey from Rotterdam to Brussels. Though technically it wasnt a free ticket, it felt just as good!

The rest of the trip ran smoothly, bought my ticket home and was snuggling into my own bed at the reasonable hour of 12am. *Sigh* Im going bac to the Netherlands and SOON!
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photo by: polvandenwirre