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Woke at 10 (in the habit of trying to get my free breakfast) and we decided that a lazy day at the beach was on the cards. Nice has two options for beaches. West of the harbour there is a sprawling tourist infested pebble beach, where you have to rent a sun lounge or walk for miles to find a public stretch. Or to the East there are cliffs with flat rocks jutting out where sunbathers can do their thing. Both were pretty packed but, for the novely (Aussies remeber) we chose the cliff side. The waves were huge so we couldn't swim but lying in the sun and every so often being lightly doused by spray is actually more pleasant than is sounds. You just have to cover your magazine.

Sunday night, Kat wanted to go out again, but I pursuaded her to wait a bit. In Australia it's common for people to go out as early as 9.30 or 10pm and I know it's much later in most parts of Europe, especially the south! So we didn't leave until 11pm and this time we walked to Vieux Nice. After a few drinks in a few different places I decided I wanted to find this place I'd read about called Chez Wayne's because it had live music every night. Well, after a giant circle I did manage to find it! And yes it was as awesome as promised. Stinking hot, full of Contiki Tour people (so basically full of Aussies) dancing on tables and with a great cover band called the Wonderfuls. We had an awesome time and when Wayne's closed around 2am most people went on to another bar nearby. Sorry no idea about the name. The same band played there too, and the dancing continued. They played great songs that we could sing along to so most people woke up with very sore voices, including me! Needless to say we got home at about 5am and pretty much fell into bed.
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photo by: Niki-Travelfan