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Spent a merry day with the remaining TBs on Sunday, mostly the UK crew who were booked on the Ryanair flight I was SUPPOSED to be on! We moved from pub to pub, with some mandatory standing around in the very nice sunshine. I actually got a TAN which all my friends at home though was hilarious! But then I had to say goodbye to my new friends (when they FINALLY found a taxi that would take all of them to Weeze.. more on THAT later). After that I wandered along the river front home, my pleasant reveries only interrupted once by some guy who insisted on introducing himself, but the conversation kind of failed when he realised I only spoke English and he seemed so speak everything but, so he sort of led himself away... Ah randoms. So just as it was getting dark I realised I probably should eat. I walked down the only non-lit suburban street in Dusseldorf to find an Italian Restaurant. Now here is where my common sense failed me slightly. I ordered Takeaway lasagne (all of this is because I got home after the hostel resto closed) becuase I didn't want to be out too late when I had to walk home alone; valid point I thought. Anyway, I get back to the hostel and realise that I don't have any cutlery! Now lasagne is not something you can eat with your hands! So I had to guiltily approach the receptionist and beg for cutlery (I don't even think we were supposed to eat in our rooms hahah!) which he lent me, much to the idiot Aussie's relief. Now, I don't want to offend any German restauranteers, and I can safely say that Saturday night's meal was a shining high point in my life in terms of culinary delights. But this was not lasagne. It seemed like it was made by someone who had the vaguest idea of the ingredients of Italian food. My (huge) meal consisted of some flat pasta and some ham, yes HAM, swimming in melted cheese with a side of salty bread rolls. It was filling, yes, but I can't stretch that to enjoyable... On Monday I checked out, stored my stuff at the Dusseldorf Train Station and spent an entire day wandering aimlessly! It was very nice, I'm glad I got the time to be 'citizen', I walked from the station to the main shopping street, Wehrhan St, and basically followed my meagre sense of direction back towards the river. I shopped, bought some mandatory Jagermeister (even though I couldn't drink it and the supermarket cashier gave me a dark look as it was around 10am), got myself some clothes and then spent the rest of the day alternately reading and drinking coffee in various places. Then walked back the the HBF to collect my things and board the bus to Weeze. Now, it's been said before but I do have to reiterate that Ryanair's determination of 'Dusseldorf' Airport must be very liberal. The bus took at least an hour and a half to get there! Still, it had a nice cafe and comfy seats to wait in AND the plane left on time, so who am I to complain? The flight was the shortest I have ever experienced, pretty sure we didn't even level out, and I did enjoy the shameless plugging of Ryanair products, e.g. the Lottery cards (??) and 'duty free'. I had a spare seat next to me and the only annoying child was actually pretty tame ('draw me a house mummy! NO a BIG HOUSE!) so it was more amusing than painful. I think that our flight made history coming in ON TIME at Stanstead, yes they actually played a fanfare of trumpet music when we landed... Classy. Much to my relief, my friend Seb was at the airport to pick me up! I did have several moments of panic imagining trying to find a hostel in London at 9pm, uuurgh... But it was all good! So we drove (actually drove is a liberal term for Seb, he likes to think his Hyundai is a Ferrari, poor sod.) up the M11 to Cambridge, where I gratefully fell into bed. I love to travel and the best thing is going to sleep, comfortably, in a new country knowing that fun is undoubtably to ensue!
mypictures4u says:
Since it was an Italian restaurant you did not offend any German restauranteers :-D
BTW: Ryanair received some harsh criticism for appointing Weeze a "suburb" of Duesseldorf! It is simply a bad joke! Weeze is located about 60 km away. And of course there actually is the well known real Duesseldorf Airport - in Duesseldorf!

Any interesting book you were reading while strolling around? :-)
Posted on: Apr 29, 2008
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