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Went to London for Saturday night out with Ruby n Lori! We finally met up around 7.30pm and the girls told us we were getting food NOW. So, in order to satisfy a craving that I have had for a while, we searched out an Indian place that was called Masala-something. The food was great! Especially after the English fish n chips I had at Bondys... no offence but Aussies just do it better! And in Australia we leave out the mushy peas, what is wrong with just eating peas?? Do you hve to make them look like they are pre-digested?

Afterwards we braved the winds to head over to 55, Lori and Rubys second home. I had a great time there, the drinks were really good! I have to say my favourites were the Strawberry Daiquiri and Bondys Mohjito.
And I can now say that I do NOT like Amaretto and Coke, BLEGH! 55 closed at about 1.30 or 2am (?) and  by then it had started to rain. But does his dampen a Londoners party spirit? Hah! No! Though the nearest clubs were either FULL or had huge waiting lines. So the general consensus was: eff that.

We went to a pub called the Elephants Head, and found out why it was so NOT packed. I have never been to an establishment that had a higher percentage of losers, wankers and (to Bondys disgust) Cheslsea fans. So we sculled the beers and headed back into the night. We wandered around for a while and ended up in a Latin bar called Made in Brasil. They had some pretty funky music and they served alcohol AND they were open. Score! We got ID checked at the door (first time in Europe) by a very tired looking bouncer ahaha! Us chickas danced while Bondy tried his hardest to look cool and the DJ kept stopping to play Bongo drums!

Unfortunately this bar didnt adhere to the Latin culture of partying all night, it closed at 3am! So we were back on the streets, now with the barman from 55 in tow (Im sorry Ive forgotten his name) [Update: Barman = Lucas].
We headed to  the Kebab Shop, which is basically that except theyve stuck a bar on the end and a room in the back with a dancefloor and a live band. It was good fun, the entry fee was buying a drink and the band were great. I was just so tired at this point and the music was very jazzy so I could feel myself sinking into sleep :P so after a while Bondy and I called it a night. We walked back through pouring rain and got SOAKED (I think we actually swam to the hostel) and sank greatfully onto.... planks of wood??

I changed out of my sopping clothes, not making any friends with my roomies by switching the light on at 4am (it was ok, they told me they only just got in themselves... boy would it have been easier if theyd chucked me n Bondy in the same room but oh well) and got ONTO my bed.
Not into, ONTO. These were possibly the hardest things ever to have been dubbed a mattress. Im glad I was drunk and freezing cold- hence numb- otherwise I woud have gotten no sleep. Even then I woke of my own accord at aout 7.30am (Im pretty sure I started to sober up and could feel the bed again by that point). Still, I was very happy with my night out in London and you can bet your bollocks I will be doing it again soon!

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photo by: ulysses