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I had a lazy day today!
I finally got to do some sun-bathing on the Costa Brava! (Yesterday I was too hungover :( and slept most of the day). I woke up at a decent hour, around 11am, and went for a little walk in my town Catena de Mar. When I realised how nice the weather was I decided it was a good day for the beach! On the train from the airport I noticed Callela was a bigger town further up the coast and I figured if I was going to laze around on the Mediterránea I may as well be in close proximity to food and beer!

So I hopped on the train (the right one today) and headed up the coast. I was lucky because it wasn't too crowded but I didn't exactly stick out among the familes, couples and whatnot along the beach. Few things I have noticed: most of the topless sunbathers were way to old to be baring all. Nanna... please... put it away! This made me slightly less inclined to be daring and whip it off so I will live with my tanline. Also, wherever there is a beach, there will be Germans. Honestly, I'm in Spain and no matter where I go I can hear at least one conversation in German. And really! Shouldn't British people know by now that they come in two shades: lily white and lobster!? Cover up, we prefer our Poms in their natural pale state!

Around 2pm I decided I could use some food, so I went to Santi's Burger Bar and had a very satisfying meal, a burger, funnily enough! For 2€ I got a burger with onions, salad and sauce, doing all right I think! On my way back to the shore I decided to walk along one of the pedestrain promenades and take a mandatory browse of the tourist shops. Thankfully I only brought about 10€ for the whole day and I restrained myself from purchasing useless crap! Though some of it was very cute! (I was tempted by a lighter in the shape of a guitar) I did allow myself a 30cent postcard and made my way back to the beach for a drink and some more sunbathing!

I didn't go back to my first spot, I walked further up so that I could watch some beach volleyball (vainly in search of a hot Spaniard to offer to put cream on my back... no luck!) and got sucked into a game of Frisbee... though that was mostly because they kept hitting me with it anyway! By about 4pm it was getting cloudy and the wind was picking up so, after one last walk past the shops and a quick stop for groceries, I got back on the (correct) train and headed home.

Nothing like a day at the beach and a tan (and finally having FOOD) to brighten your day!

p.s I don't know why the map insists Calella is in Belgium....(Update: I figured it out, I spelt it wrong hehehe)
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photo by: jordirochblom