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Hello Collective You, I am Katherine. I have just finished a marathon 12 years of schooling and taken my final exams! I got into Uni and I'm stoked but first I have taken a year off to travel in Europe... all by myself! I know this will be awesome life experience and I think it would be fun to share with the world, so these are my stories.. Enjoy!

March 2008:

Wow, this is the first holiday that I've had to even partly plan all by myself. I had no idea how much effort goes into moving one person from one country to the next! My first step is getting a Visa, but before I could do that I had to book the flight (because I need proof that I am actually planning to leave haha!). The visa also required passport photos and police clearance and all sorts of verifications about who I am and where I'm staying. Tiresome!

So it is now just under 4weeks until I officially leave Australia. My PLAN:

France - have lined up a permanent part-time child minding job starting a week after I land, in a village in the Provence of Lorraine! This job gives me a relatively steady source of income and a chance to explore France and the surrounding Western European countries in my spare time.

Holland - Queen's Day! I have heard so much about this little canal-strewn country that I think I just have to see it for myself. Apart from Windmills, I am interested in being introduced to the relaxed, tolerant culture... not to mention hotties ;)

England/UK - Since, being Australian, my heritage stems from the UK, I know I will be drawn to exploring England, Scotland and Ireland. Hopefully I will be able to catch up with old mates as well as make new ones amoung this bunch of crackers!

Mediterranean: Italy/Greece/Croatia/Spain - just because they sound amazing!

I also plan to NOT have much of a Plan, I'm more interested in going where the wind blows me in a sense of hitching with friends I make along the way. I wouldn't want to be tied into a detailed itinerary! Hopefully I will get some good ideas from this site too!

Bon Voyage (too meeeeeee!)


robbo_88 says:
Going to Amsterdam on Queens Day would be amazing.. you won't be relaxing much if you go there around that time (don't forget to take something orange with you and wear it everywear, or just collect something as you walk) as for wales... way too many welsh for my liking but the highlands there are amazing.
Posted on: Apr 13, 2008
polvandenwirre says:
Yes, Queens Day is the most important holiday in The Netherlands. You'll meet an orange ocean of parties in each city or village. Of course the biggest one will be in our capital, Amsterdam! Be sure to wear something matching (ORANGE!!!). By the way, high on MY list is a trip from Perth to Darwin...but first I might be in France this summer.
Posted on: Mar 31, 2008
webbeachboy says:
.......England, Scotland and Ireland and WALES missis don't forget WALES Eeeeeeeeek ! Beautiful country, MUCH nicer than boring England haha
Posted on: Mar 04, 2008
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