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Snorkel between Motus Iti and Nui, with the island back yonder!

My first week in Rapa Nui flew by!

On my third day there I was told by Xime, also a guest at Tekena, that the public library had the Internet-for-all government program running, and I thought I'd give it a shot even if I was not Rapa, 'cause I'm still Chilean!

I walked into the library and came face-to-face with a sign PERPETRATED in the rankest English possible, welcoming visitors and inviting them to vote for Rapa Nui as one of the New 7 Wonders.

My heart got sad. Such a lacking poster. Such a uninviting invitation!

Yet, I was there just to send an e-mail. And I did. And I was about to go, I swear!

But I couldn't help it! This chauvinistic unknown me suddenly surged! I didn't want any foreigner to laugh at our efforts! (ok ok, that's what I told myself not to owe up to the fact I'm just the way I am!)

So I tactfully (or so I think) told the librarian that there were some spelling and grammar mistakes in the poster.

Motu Kao Kao. It's not conveyed here, but it's 55 mts. tall, and 70 deep!
And offered to re-write the message for her to re-do it later on.

She was so thankful! But then she confessed she had a terrible handwriting, and requested I re-do the poster myself, which was out of the question 'cause I really have no fine motricity whatsoever.  By then, we were sitting behind the front desk, nibbling on cookies and sipping on nice strong coffee. Suddenly, a man walked in and asked for directions for the museum. In English. The librarian could not help him 'cause she didn't understand, so I offered to translate. The man left. And we naturally went on to discuss my speaking English. And suddenly it was clear to her! I HAD TO teach English at the primary school behind the library. The teacher had been sick for weeks.

I couldn't refuse.

Back from a snorkel trip,yeeeeeeei! looking dark from the sun, and cold from the wind and the hour. With Carolynn, Manu and Ken
  I loved the idea. So for three days, I had the unique opportunity of working with children 'tween the ages of 5 and 8. The older ones helped me put together new, colourful signs with an invitation to vote for Rapa Nui in the New 7 wonders, while I had the best of times teaching the little ones childhood songs like Twinkle Twinkle, Baba Blacksheep and the lot!

But that was in the mornings, 'cause in the afternoon I went out to my beloved Motus, to snorkel.  Sometimes on my own, sometimes taking tourists with me that paid for the trip organised by Orca, the paddy centre where Claudio works.  Beautiful days, beautiful swims, beautiful feeling that of swimming in the bluest of blues!

And then, I decided it was time to meet new people, and I signed in for a one day tour of the southern coastline and RanuRaraku quarry, but that's another story!

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Snorkel between Motus Iti and Nui,…
Snorkel between Motus Iti and Nui…
Motu Kao Kao. Its not conveyed he…
Motu Kao Kao. It's not conveyed h…
Back from a snorkel trip,yeeeeeeei…
Back from a snorkel trip,yeeeeeee…
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