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My favourite pic; on the foothills of Ranu Raraku (Ranu: volcano)

So on March 11th, exactly 5 months from the last time I'd been there, I again boarded a Lan on my way to Rapa Nui. The last one had not been too happy a trip, and I guess that was part of the reason I again needed to visit. Owed it to myself, and...new-agey as it may sound, I thought I owed it to the island. I'd been lucky enough to make some acquaintances on my first visit, and was ready to do what I love to do on holiday: whatever pleases me! Yeeeeeeeei!

So I said bye to LR and Mari, whose faces seemed a bit worried, and boarded that plane. The 5.5 hours literally flew, and before I knew it, I was being greeted with a smiley Iorana, conti! from Marcos who'd gone to pick me up to take me to his in-laws' hostel, a choice I was not yet sure of, since one of the highlights of the prior trip had been staying with Angélica Araki and her lovely family. Angelica's had been a mellow family place in the outskirts of town, full of children running around the a buganvillia garden covered in tropical flowers I'd never seen before.

Tekena Inn was different. To begin with, it's in the busiest street in HangaRoa -the only village in the island- which can be quite useful since there's no need to drive around at night if you're renting, nor push your luck as a woman alone walking back from anything.

'Cause everything happens in Tekena St.!

So I rolled in my excellently huge suitcase (yes, years of travelling have not killed the bad habit), which *blush blush* is Barbie pink (no comments) and in the process was very aware of a conversation among beer-drinking surfers stopping dead.

Marcos introduced me with something along the lines of Don't judge a book by it's cover (sheesh, my suitcase! ...but I love it above, what can I say...*blush once again*), went to get a beer, and left me alone to take in the fact that I was back!

I don't know if I can actually put it across. There's something in the air there. It's the buganvillias and the salty aroma of the sea all aound, the humidity that makes your very aware of your clothes, and also of your body...it's the warmth...and also (and this till recently I thought was almost abusive of me to my beloved island)..a faint smell of litter...trash, you know...

Well, it turns out the B side to Rapa Nui it's the waste managment policy they have: non existing. Ergo the faint smell of waste which, I have to say, mixed with the above, makes my heart skip a beat or two...'cause it's just like a leap backwards in time to the Africa I cherish...Raaaaaaambling!

Ok, so that was that. I got in at about midnight, talked to my fellow hostel guests -di surf crowd- till 2, had a beer or two, and went to bed very happy of being back.

And the next morning, I got myself an exellent jeep, and drove off to Anakena! yeeeeeeeeeeei!

sybil says:
you go girl, with your pink suitcase! too bad i missed it in brasil. ;)
Posted on: Mar 04, 2008
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My favourite pic; on the foothills…
My favourite pic; on the foothill…
Easter Island
photo by: alexchan