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After Saturday's British Open round (see entry "Steve Stricker!" for details) I had the fun game of trying to find someplace to sleep for the night. I had hoped to be able to find someplace to crash in Carnoustie, rather than heading back to Dundee, but thanks the rain and the fact that the town hasn't heard of eaves or covered entry ways, I was heading back to the church to sleep outside again. I had made friends w/some policemen in Carnoustie and caught them up to speed on my lack of sleeping situation, but they had nothing to offer. They suggested I head to the campsite out of town and maybe someone would take me in there, but it was a crapshoot. If I didn't find a place to crash, I'd be outside on the wet grass w/my sleeping bag. Dundee was appearing to be the only sure thing.

I walked all over Carnoustie, which really is a quaint little town. I tried a couple churches, but all were locked. I thought about stowing away in the library, but found no way to get out of the locked building on Sunday. I eventually stopped searching and headed back to the covered entryway of the church in Dundee. It was cold and spider-infested, but at least it was dry. I made camp in a corner and set my alarm to make sure I was up before people came for Sunday mass.

Sleeping definitely wasn't easy. The wind carried every outside voice into the entryway, as well as a recently laid-off, separated, homeless man. He was a couple sheets to the wind when he joined me in the entryway to sleep for the night. I couldn't understand a word of his thick accent and I wasn't about to fall asleep with him there. Don't get me wrong, he seemed like a nice, genuine guy who I felt very sorry for, but as a single female foreigner, I wasn't really comfy in the situation. He eventually left, and I managed a couple minutes of sleep, but I was waking up every 10 minutes making sure I was still alone.

Most of my awake time I spent thinking of all the odd places I had crashed on this trip.  I might be from the northwoods, but I was never the girl sleeping in the middle of the woods under the stars. On this trip though, I'd already slept in a couple hostels, on the couch of a hostel in Barcelona (an agreement made b/t me and the owner--I had to watch the place while he partied), on joint-infested, glass-covered, dirty grass, a park bench, under a carousel ride, in the lobby of an apartment building, in a park, in an ant-infested bed, on an acquaintances' couch, in various public-transportation stations and now in the entry way of a church.

The woods of Wisconsin suddenly seemed like a great place to be.

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So I finally made it to Carnoustie. I got into Dundee last night after a 12 hour bus ride! I immediately went to a pub, if only because that was the only type of business open and I deserved a beer after my long day. I supposedly met Andrew Carnegie's great-great(-great?) grandson. Haha, the guy's in his 60's and he's still trying to use the family name:-) After a couple free rounds in the pub I walked around and decided to queue it up for the new Harry Potter book. I got in the queue at 11 and had the book by 12:30. I then headed to a place to camp out and read some and then fell asleep for a bit. I got up in the morning and headed to Carnoustie for the Open. I pretty much walked around for a bit as the early tee times had just started. I made camp in one of the grandstands for a bit before heading to the first tee to watch Jerry Kelly, Steve Stricker, Adam Scott and Tiger tee off. I got a wave from Stricker b/c I was wearing my Wisconsin hoodie (which by the way is helping jack in this winter-like-rainy-freezing-cold I'd rather be in Wisconsin in January-like weather). Since I was one of only 3 people on that side of the gallery, I'm pretty confident the shoutout was going my way.

I then tried to make my way to the 11th green b/c I was told last night by the manager of the bookstore I bought Harry Potter in that that was the best green. Well I settled for the 13th, b/c I was tired of walking around. I made camp in the front row of the grandstand, pulled out my sleeping bag and tried to stay as warm as possible. It was a pretty good green to be at b/c you can see the action on the 12th green and the players teeing off on the 13th. However, since there would be 5-minute intervals b/t action, I pulled out my Harry Potter book to do a bit of "light" reading. Turns out that caught the eye of the BBC cameraman in front of me and he asked me to hold my book a certain way so he could get a good shot of me reading it. Rumour on the street is his broadcast was worldwide. Could've just been him trying to sound cool, but yeah, so I guess I got some air time.

Throughout the course of the afternoon you would hear all over the gallery, "Steve Stricker just birdied another hole." So yeah, Stricker had an amazing round. He shot a 7-under 64 to tie the course record. He went into the clubhouse with a 6-under 2nd place standing. He'll be in the final pairing with Sergio Garcia. That makes things interesting since I've been a Garcia fan since '99 and my ties to Stricker are on a strictly Wisconisn connection, so I haven't really decided who I'm going to root for. We'll see!

Until then, I had more Harry Potter to read.