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I have been to a lot of theme parks and coaster parks and so far, Cedar Point is the best one that I’ve been to.  There are several good roller coasters in the park including Millennium Force (which has a huge drop,) Mean Streak and Magnum XL-200.  However the most awesome (and also probably the shortest) ride in the whole park is Top Thrill Dragster.  When the coaster debuted, it set five records, of those most importantly the first coaster to hit 120 mph (about 190 kph or so to you American measurement haters out there! Hehe!) and the highest drop at about 400 feet (120+ m.)


The most amazing part about the 120 mph is that you get jettisoned forward from zero to 120 in about four seconds.  It is awesome.

  I rode front, back and middle (and was willing to wait through nearly an hour line each go) just to get the different experiences.  However, I think the most hilarious moment I can remember is my friend Myong on his first ride through.  To help you picture Myong in your head…if you know James Bond, picture Odd Job from Goldfinger.  Huge Korean dude with a mad at the world face on just naturally.  Generally immovable, apparently emotionless and overall a rock.


Enter Top Thrill Dragster.  Myong straps in with his usual “I am unimpressed” look on his face.  Countdown…3…2…1…LAUNCH!!!  The look on his face was one of sheer surprise if not terror as I saw the muscles on his normally undefined forearms grab hold of the hand bar with the ultimate death grip.  See for yourself…he’s the guy in the front left (right side looking at it) car…I am near certain he left something in his pants.  :  )

wanderlustbohemian says:
LOL Fun!
I've had realatives who have been to this park.
They too said it was the best.
Have you been to the wooden Tremors over in Silverwood?
Posted on: Jan 27, 2009
PhinsAndGills says:
Yeah, it doesn't get much better than the front car of the Dragster. Front car of Raptor is my other fav!
Posted on: Jun 18, 2008
oldschoolbill says:
Old School Math
120mph(in 4 seconds)TV-400ft*= Lost LUNCH
Posted on: Mar 04, 2008
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Cedar Point
photo by: voordax