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I made it just fine back here to Beijing, and the capital (as everyplace else) is awash with mooncakes.  It's Mid-Autumn Festival, when the harvest moon is so low to the horizon that it looks larger than usual.  Chinese love to gather with family and friends to eat (or not) mooncakes and chat in the evening as dusk turns dark.I actually had a mooncake that I liked the other night, strange as it may seem to those familiar with the delicacies.

The local guide that I use frequently here for my tour groups picked me up at the airport and took me to his home just outside the Fifth Ring Road, and the mooncakes he served were excellent!  I met Frank's wife and their one-year-old son plus the in-laws who live there too.  I was the first foreigner the baby ever saw and they expected him to go "WAH-WAH-WAH' but -- no.  He loved me and I held him without him either crying or leaking from his split pants, good news all around.  Frank's family had worked all day making the dinner for me, and it was very good, actually --  jiaozi dumplings, a vegetable salad with dressing, a tuna salad I'm sure they don't usually eat, and some other things.  Very tasty.  Then Frank took me to the venerable Jade Youth Hostel and the following day I collected all my junk and went to the Lu Song Yuan Hotel, more upscale, but still three-star.  Here's its website and you can take a look:

I went off to the post office today to mail home about 40 lbs. of books, clothing I won't be needing (cold weather stuff from the mountains, etc.) and other soiuvenir purchases that I don't need to be schlepping around for the next three weeks.  Of course it was a two-hour operation but in a couple of months I'll be happy to see my books about Joseph Rock and  the other treasures.  Then I had lunch with an old friend who is still here from when I worked in  Beijing, and met his wife and 4-year-old daughter.  A real cutie. (Both of them!)  He's letting me use his computer but  I've about worn out my welcome, so will see about adding more to the adventure when possible.

Oh, by the way, lovely autumn breezes grace Beijing, the temperature is lovely and all's right with the world!

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