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View from St. Nino Church down to the street
I got there on the 28th late at night, to be precise around 6pm local time. Chuchill was already waiting. We thought moving my baggage - only one big back pack - would be easy with a taxi. So we waved and one stopped. When asking the driver to trun on the meter instead of charging a fixed price of P500 he pretended not to understand us. Well, good to have someone with Bisaya skills with you. After a few minutes debating he finally turned it on and we left for Jose, a Barangay of Cebu City.
There Chuchill organized me a room in San Jose Pension House. The room wasn't anything special even if you pay attention to the local standards. A somewhat comfy bed, a small TV I would probably not use anyway and a bathroom.
Sundown view from Fort St. Pedro
Quite alright for P450/night. To my surprise no warm water though. She told me that it is not even common to have a shower in your house and that I should be happy about it. In the end I was, after all it was 32C hot that night. :)
After putting my stuff down and having a shower we left for some food. If you intend to find a restaurant in Cebu, that's sheer impossible. You can chose from tons of fast food chain like imbisses and many tiny street vendors. We decided to go with the latter and I finally tried Tempura and a few other things I can't even pronounce the names of. Food is quite inexpensive, usually you can get enough for two including drinks for around P100 if you don't get something too fancy.
Having filled my stomach, the jetlag of 6 hours caught me and I went back to the pension house to call it a day.

The next day - after oversleeping for a few hours - I finally got out of the Pension House again. This time in broad daylight, wonder why I didn't realize it the day before but it's damn hot down here. At about 32C with a totally cloud free sky in the burning sun, I made my way outside. Struggling with my sweat we got to the first thing in sight to have breakfast. This time it was no street vendor but instead I let myself dragged into one of those McDonalds like Jollibee restaurants, or so I thought. They have more than just burgers and other unhealthy and icky tasting stuff and last but not least aircon! You can get one of the so called "Super Meals" for around P120 with a softdrink or coffee. I took the one called "Bangus Belly", as the name says it contains a filet of a common fish of in the area: the bangus. Anyway, even though it was a little salty it's worth a try. If you're into that sort of thing, heh.
Once we got out of there the heat struck back and I experienced what I didn't notice the night before. Heavy air due to smoke procuded by tons of cars w/o CAT plus loads of junk lying around all over the streets. Of course, no law describes to use CATs so noone does and no trashbin as far as the eye can see. Ironicaly it's not far anyway during rush hour smog. If you ever see people covering their faces with handkerchiefs or towels, now you know why. The worst of it I experienced only about 30 Minutes later when I started to sweat again while walking. My skin started to itch badly due to the pollution. Anyway, we got into SM Mall on the way to have a coffee and discuss how to go on in the next few days.
Since we weren't able to do too much due to my quarreling with the environment, I got back the pension early, had yet another shower & went to sleep almost instantly.

Man, what a day! :)
chixa says:
why u didnt told me how bad u find cebu..?
Posted on: Mar 03, 2007
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View from St. Nino Church down to …
View from St. Nino Church down to…
Sundown view from Fort St. Pedro
Sundown view from Fort St. Pedro
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