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Dublin airport is an excellent place to have a long layover. In my case a 23 hr. layover. On the 3rd level, overlooking Tickets & Departures is a very good bar, a nice coffee shop, McDonalds and a place to buy a drink for only €2.70 that is bottomless for both hot & cold drinks.
I helped a first time traveler rent a car, helped her book it and find a hotel. She in turn gave me a ride into Dublin, and let me crash her hotel room for a shower and freshen up. After 35 hours of travel this was a welcome exchange.
We walked into and around Dublin, getting a bit turned around, finally finding Green Park, which is a beautiful spot to catch a nap, read a book or just go for a scenic walk. It was full of students and locals browsing around. After Green park me and my new acquaintance split up and I made my way to Trinity College. I walked around the campus for a while just enjoying the historical buildings and student atmosphere. I always feel a fraud whenever I am browsing around a campus- like I don’t belong there and everyone knows it. Childish I know, but it never fails, even in other countries in a tourist hot spot where locals are familiar with non-students browsing around. Needless to say I didn’t stick around there long and I hit up a few bookstores to see what the local selections were. I found a best seller in Ireland about one of this centuries greatest explorers and adventurers. I always am jealous of people that have lead more fascinating lives than me. It always makes me hungry to do more and unsatisfied with what I’ve done so far. I then grabbed a quick and the cheapest meal I could find for under €10. I chatted it up with a beautiful Colombian girl who was manning the counter of a local eatery/mini-mart. After that I grabbed a bus back to the Dublin airport where I was ready to wait out the last thirteen hours.
I made my way back to the third level with the bar, coffee shop, McDonalds and numerous comfortable leather chairs I forgot to mention. I snatched up two leather chairs, dropped my stuff down, stretched out and began a back and forth time of getting drinks, reading, listening to whatever and sleeping. Around 2am I gave up one of my chairs (this place fills up with travelers looking do score the same set up as me) to a sweet Polish girl who had been working in Ireland and was heading home with her new savings. Later a retired British lady headed to Spain for some vacation and a girl from Austin who was finishing up her travels joined our little chat. Time passed relatively quickly.

Final thoughts- Dublin is a sweet city- but expensive as hell. And it is loaded with streams of beautiful and cute girls (which I guess are as much Polish as well as local.)

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photo by: fransglobal