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Wow, what a f’ing day. Seriously I’ll break it up into two parts.
Arrival and the meeting
Lost and found
I arrived at around 8:30am in Frankfurt, Germany, the small little airport that Ryan Air uses. From there I hoped a bus to the main airport, Hahn I believe it is called to meet my friend Tracy. They have this meeting spot at the airport so we have made plans to meet there. Only thing is we planned at meeting at 11 and it wasn’t till 12 that I arrived. Tracy is a first timer so I was afraid she would be freaked out. My friend Israel was the wild card- no one knew if he would be there or not.
But good old Israel came through and they were both waiting for me when I got there! Wow what a feeling, meeting friends in a foreign land! You always feel it will never happen that something will go wrong, and then it comes through!
So we took the tram into the city- got a bite to eat, Spread out and began our tasks of trying to figure out what we were doing. We happened to arrive at the time of some festival so most places were booked up to stay. We decided the best thing we could hope for was to rent a car and just make our way out and about. Again, Tracy is a first timer and first impressions are always important. You don’t think of travel as spending your first day waiting around and sleeping in bus terminals or airports.
But that is what happened … and that brings us to Lost and Found. We were lost…. Till 1am… and then we bit the bullet and rented a car that took f’ing forever to find ‘cause it was in the wrong place, but hey we later than sooner were found. From the main square in old town Frankfurt we headed from Starbucks left down the main street and ended up in the Turkish dominated area of Frankfurt. We found an internet café to figure out renting vehicles and costs. Not able to decide on anything and believing I got scammed by some agency claiming to rent cars in the Frankfurt Airport, we were pretty frustrated and tired. We grabbed some great Turkish food at a little café and then from there we took the train to the Hahn airport. Tracy was dead exhausted and we felt terrible for her. So me and Israel decided to bite the bullet and dish out the €180 for a vehicle with unlimited miles for three days. It turned out to be the best decision we made. What a feeling to find that vehicle and be on our way!!! We made it almost to Frieburg, but soon tired and we passed out on the road, sleeping of course in the car.
Our goals have changed. We’ve decided to head to Switzerland and meet up with Ben. We’ll make further plans from there.

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