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So, this is it. I'm out the door in a little bit. Completely rushed, I can't believe how fast time creeped on me and like always I am packing with all of my worldly possessions and I have two hours to do all of it. I am splitting my bags and praying my friend Tracy will get my second main bag to bring with her. I wouldn't do this but I booked into Ryan Air from Dublin-Frankfurt and they have a severe baggage weight limit. I am taking a backpack and a wrap around back pack, so I will have light travel the first leg of the trip.

I'm flying S.A. to Boston and from Boston to Dublin. I got a flight from S.A. to Boston for $170 and a flight from Boston to Dublin for around $220 one way. Of course my Ryan air was like $35 or something cheap like that. Either way- I am doing it cheap and doing it inconveniently, but I guess that is the way I roll. I gotta 5 hr. layvoer in Boston and a 23hr. layover in Dublin.

So here's the rub. My goal is Istanbul, Turkey. And of course I can book a flight directly there- but what's the fun in that??? I have a friend named Tracy who has never been out of the country but always been fascinated by me and my other friends stories and pictures of travel abroad. So, she asked me to show her around for a few weeks and we picked mid October as our launch date. This was back in ... oh December of '06. Well its Oct. '07 and we are still on schedule. She found a great deal on airfare and now we will see who much it will cost to Roadtrip this whole deal. The roadtrip idea is hinged on the fact that our other friend, my best friend, Israel Abers can join us from Latvia. He is looking at buying a car in Germany so he has made plans to meet us and ... well you get the picture. But if he'll meet us on the 12th of October or later- who knows. Tracy arrives directly into Frankfurt Hahn airport and arrive in the secondary airport that Ryan air uses so I have to make my way to meet Tracy once I touch down.

I've done some of Europe but most of these are all new countries. The only plan so far is Germany, Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic in two weeks. Then we'll all part ways: Tracy, America- Israel, Latvia and me, Istanbul. Should be fun. One last thing. Our other friend Ben Smith, whom me and Israel have traveled with in London, and Costa Rica- might be in Switzerland at the time we are there... so we might meet him there... who knows???

It's kinda like on the weekend where you and your friends pick a place around the city to meet and everyone is scattered but knows about he meet time and place. And you go, but your not really sure who is going to show up or what your going to do or where your going to go... yeah one of those. Well we're doing that- just in Europe :) And I've been waiting 11 months for this so I am beyond- beyond stoked to be going back across the ocean. In the end, America just doesn't interest me these days- or maybe anymore! I hear Swedish and Dutch citizenship isn't that hard!
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